How much money to open a Lucai shop

is a lot of people like to eat meat delicacy, regardless of the usual dinner, or family dinners are not small, lucai. Meat market demand is large, profitable, so many investors have to look into this. Want to have my own Lucai shop first to calculate how much money is needed. How much money to open a Lucai shop? Let’s take a look.

1. dual temperature refrigerator, a single temperature freezer. The two refrigerator Lucai shop about 3000 yuan. The freezer is very important for the preservation of goods, best buy new, or a problem, will The loss outweighs the gain.

How much money to open a Lucai shop

2.? Half a stainless steel barrel 90 yuan; the whole stainless steel barrel 4, price 120 yuan, total: 480 yuan; 2 large plastic barrels, priced 20 yuan, total: 40 yuan.

3.  other items of the Lucai shop: 9 inch thick stainless steel seasoning pot 5, price 15 yuan, 75 yuan; subtotal: stainless steel plate 20, price 6 yuan, 120 yuan; subtotal: stainless steel clip 3, 3 yuan, total price: 9 yuan; bagging 5 stainless steel pot, price 8 yuan, total: 40 yuan; 5 stainless steel spoon, price 5 yuan, total: 25 yuan; 15 yuan a stainless steel hook; stainless steel spoon 3, price 1.5 yuan, total: 4.5 yuan; 5 pounds of 18 yuan a stainless steel ladle; stainless steel pressure garlic a mix of 15 yuan; stainless steel spoon 2, price 3 yuan, 6 yuan; subtotal: stainless steel mixing dish basin 2, price 8 yuan, total: 16 yuan; 12 yuan a stainless steel strainer.

4. and 2 knives, priced 15 yuan, total: 30 yuan to 20 yuan; cutter; large Shau Kei 2, price 20 yuan, 40 yuan of disposable gloves; subtotal: 2 boxes, 3 yuan, total price: 6 yuan; disposable masks 4 boxes, priced 4 yuan, total: 16 yuan the clock; a 25 yuan; some spice bags and gauze number, subtotal: 50 yuan; crude bamboo root 3, price 33.3 yuan, total: 100 yuan.

How much money to open a Lucai shop

5.? Grinder a 230 yuan; meat grinder a set of $65; pound chili machine a $100. The total investment of about 5000 yuan.


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