Selection of project investment selection Bama tea shop franchise

China rapid economic rise at the same time, Chinese tea culture also have a good development, more and more people love tea tea, tea market is remarkable. Because of the existence of such a market situation, making China’s tea production and sales are increasing year by year trend. Choose to join the natural tea industry has become a good choice for investors.

why tea market prospects? China tea and tea prices are now big bottleneck now is "category, brand", rely on cheap exports, competitiveness is very weak, it is difficult to seize the market in the world, to expand its influence.

famous tea brand expert Lan Xiaohua pointed out that Shenzhen Bama tea and Tianfu model represented the essence, not production enterprise, but the enterprise located in marketing enterprises can control the terminal sales, commissioned by the processing of tea, what on what to sell tea, by building a direct to consumer marketing platform, can fully supply for the consumer acceptance of products, in order to resolve the sales pressure. Then the eight horses tea shop to join


eight horses tea shop to join

is the first brand of Chinese Bama tea Tieguanyin sales, currently in the country to open more than 1000 stores, shop ranked national tea industry second. The brand positioning for commercial tea etiquette, the target consumer group is mature and successful people. It advocates the concept of healthy drinking tea, and is committed to creating fresh and comfortable tea experience for customers to buy. In the eight stores, you can enjoy the "first-class cabin store" service concept and elegant tea space.

eight horses tea shop franchise has the following advantages:

a, product advantages:

1) series: nine series covering high, medium and low-grade, to meet the needs of the consumer level, including Tieguanyin fragrance series, Luzhou Tieguanyin Tieguanyin series, Chen Xiang series, Pu’er Tea Green Tea Black Tea series, series, series, series of tea and tea food, tea cake series series of nearly 1000 products.

2) standardization: the first time we put forward the transformation of agricultural and sideline products into standardized industrial products, to achieve price standardization, quality standardization. Standard and stable products are our guarantee of leading industry standards.

3) standardization: the products are certified by the national geographical indication products, the registration certificate of origin, green food certification, organic tea certification, QS certification.

two, professional advantages:

1) – based base: 80000 acres of tea plantations, according to international first