What do you do in 2016

2016 Spring Festival is coming, after the Spring Festival will usher in the biggest job hopping and start-ups once a year, before carrying out pioneering work in the years after all, small entrepreneurs need to think about what 2016 money fast?

2016 what to make money fast? DIY toy

2016 what to make money fast? Baby souvenir shop


2016 what to make money fast? Aromatherapy shop

sesame oil, vanilla, incense, incense, fragrant sachet, ornaments, these delicate aromatherapy products, not only can decorate the room, also can adjust the mood, so popular with white-collar workers of all ages. SPA, yoga and other leisure activities rise, it is driven by the aromatherapy products selling. Therefore, the aroma into the Shanghai market, although the time is not long, but has already become a kind of fashion, has a good market prospects.

aromatherapy shop by commodity winning, appearance, flavor, aroma quality, packaging products, often determines the success or failure of business. Therefore, the operator must take care in the supply organization, suggestions and many suppliers, the introduction of new and unique products, such as SPA special fragrance lamp, slimming essential oil, aromatherapy bath salt flavor; in choosing to have followed the trend, such as lavender, rosemary, Green Tea flavor flavor, in order to attract customers.

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