The Spring Festival shop selling days place and person

Spring Festival, but the time of the major stores selling products, it is also a time of soaring store profits. In short, the Spring Festival is the number of stores looking forward to the holiday feast, is the long-awaited "a year of living". In such an important festival, each household is Gexianshentong, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guigang City Shiyang pond Huang Shaoying boss unique cheats "climate, geography, and".

the quasi market of the "days"". Whether it is a big shopping mall or shop, for the changing market for different consumer demand should grasp in place, the boss Huang daily attention to collect all kinds of information, the state feedback for sales report data and consumption of macro policy, the economic environment changes Small and micro businesses and shops of all information processing and analysis in stock palm ", the actual operation, sales and inventory to flexible use, to organize the source of goods to the shop" days "best.

– Austria shop design "". Before the Spring Festival every year, Huang boss will reflect on the design of the store: the store’s various facilities are still applicable? Do business area have the biggest use? The proportion of different grades of cigarettes is suitable…… The shop facilities the most rational use of commodity structure to maximize profits, in order to play the "location" of the results, to win in the competition.

to associate the relationship between "human and". Huang boss’s customer relationship has been very good, but this is a lot of effort behind. Enthusiasm and smile, equality and tolerance, he has been treated with each customer. But also to understand the level of consumption, such as this year’s Spring Festival popular consumer goods? This year’s level of cigarette consumption? When the next Pharaoh buy the smoke free to talk about what is going to buy cigarettes back home…… So, often observed in peacetime and chatting with the customers to obtain such a situation, good customer service, to meet customer needs, promote "and" harmonious relationship with customers, to no small role in the crucial moment of Spring Festival cigarette sales this up.

today’s commercial market competition is very intense, if we can not grasp a certain business strategy, which will naturally have a very negative impact on the development of the store. So, if you want to do a good business is hot, may wish to pay attention to this article introduced the "days", "stop" and "and".