Operating clothing store customer positioning to do a good job

variety of clothing, open what kind of clothing store, the future operating conditions have a great impact. How to ensure the smooth operation of the store? This requires businesses must do a good market position, what they want to do is to understand what the clothing business, local clothing development, do the research work fully, so as to win in the starting line. Here, we briefly introduce the positioning of the apparel customer base.

clothing store the correct positioning can effectively help the shop to enhance the industry, through its own characteristics, but also more conducive to the long-term development of the clothing store. Clothing store positioning is an important part of customer positioning. Customer orientation, marketing is a very critical point, we should first analyze the market (why shop), and market segments (what shop? Clothing store? The toy store? Specialty store?) then to do customer analysis and positioning (our customer who, what group?) and then choose product positioning right (I should sell what the price of my products customers can accept). So this is any shop operators should go four steps".

clothing customer base can be roughly divided into the following four categories:

1. children and infants (January -8 years): infant clothing market is not the largest, up to 5-8%, the actual data may be biased. But the infant market is indeed the best. What is the reason? The practice of family planning policy and the improvement of people’s living standard, the aging of the population increase, every child can enjoy multiple grandparents and parents love Grandpa grandmother, so we do not underestimate this about 5% of the market, it is the best type they do, the infant shop should start


as much as possible to play safe, healthy card; as far as possible not to go low; as far as possible to pull the "repeat customers" (this repeat is the customer to introduce the meaning of the customer). Because the child is the treasure of the family, so parents generally do not pay attention to the price, and is concerned about the healthy growth and comfort of clothing. Of course, some parents living in the second tier cities or counties tend to favor the trend and look good, which is part of the customer’s psychology. To pull back is to let the customer, because mom is the first choice of clothing makers children, so their colleagues, friends, relatives, partners can be extended late customers.

2. new generation (15-25 years old): the new generation refers to the younger generation, which is now 80, 90 after the consumer market, the largest proportion of such groups in the apparel market, accounting for about 50%. Analysis of the population characteristics are as follows: 1 the pursuit of individuality and difference; 2 is not sensitive to the price; 3 strong stronger and focus on the styles and specifications; 4 do not pay attention to clothing size; 5 new psychological more frequent; 6 spend more generous; 7 star effect is strong, many fans "