Wuhan property market four establishments turnover record

in recent years, the property market has been in a downturn compared with the previous period. However, this Wuhan city with the rapid development of gold or silver four "in the property market turnover, refresh the historical record.

to the average rate of 8, the market heat is expected to continue in the first half

Wuhan property market gold three hit a record high, in the silver four continued hot, trading volume once again refresh the historical record.

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national city price index statistics, in April this year, Wuhan residential sample price 9443 yuan / square meters, compared with last month rose 3.21%, rose 17.90%; chain point of view, Wuhan housing prices since last February, to maintain a continuous rise in 15 months, and in April rose to 3.21%, is the largest single month increase in recent two years. New housing turnover 31 thousand and 800 units, once again refresh the March hit a single set of single month turnover record, the average down, in Wuhan in April average daily real estate of 1061 sets of.

Wuhan property market turnover for 2 consecutive months to break the 30 thousand sets, which is extremely rare in large and medium cities." Chinese Index Research Institute Central Market Research Director Li Guozheng proposed, in order to promote the smooth development of the property market, local governments will continue to "the policies applied by the city," city market overheating policy will be gradually tightened, home speculation phenomenon will be curbed to some extent; high inventory city will continue to increase efforts to encourage demand release. Prices, the first tier cities and second tier cities and the surrounding real estate prices are still more than enough power, but with the emergence of stable prices policy effect, or will gradually slow down.

for two consecutive months turnover breaking 30 thousand sets of

this year, the Wuhan property market to accelerate the development of the channel, in January hit a new record of 20 thousand and 900 units in the same period, in February set a new high turnover of the same period in the same period in, the turnover of 31 thousand and 500 sets a record high in March. In April, in first-tier cities have issued the purchase price policy at the same time, Wuhan policy continued easing, coupled with the purchase, credit limit and other rumors, including a population regression stimulation advance when eventually led to the April turnover again broke new record.

4 months, Wuhan new housing turnover 31 thousand and 800 units, compared with April last year, an increase of 97.5%, but also once again refresh in March just hit a record of the history of the history of the single set of the 31 thousand and 500 sets, the average down, in Wuhan in April average daily real estate of 1061 sets.

as of April 30th, Wuhan new housing turnover 98 thousand and 700 units, representing an increase of 74% over the same period last year, the overall market heat is evident. Wuhan from 2011 onwards the annual housing turnover for 107 thousand sets, 135 thousand sets, 159 thousand sets, 179 thousand sets and 224 thousand sets of 5 consecutive years of steady growth, has become the best-selling medium-sized city in Chinese recommended