Enable delivery O2O development prospects are good

group purchase market O2O penetratesinto rash and too much in haste, catering, cooking is no exception, enable delivery O2O is an innovative idea, then this business is worth to do? In the end do not make money?

in the restaurant boss takeaway is "a thankless task" business, it is so, the Internet takeaway platform focused on distribution and efficiency can make up for this gap in demand, explore and fractionize demand catering industry there are new opportunities and models.

1 4, the domestic female clothing brand Eral group 2015 annual meeting was held at the headquarters in Zhejiang of Lishui, is 600 people cooking dinner, undertake this activity is picky, picky eaters will be responsible for sea fishing, Hi, hot spicy stew pot, 5 kinds of cooking materials from Beijing throughout the cold chain transport to Lishui; this is the first attempt to cross regional picky and business cooperation, also means that the second city accepted by more people send outside the cooking mode.

According to the

enable delivery is a good business

how to define "good business"? I think we should at least meet 2 conditions: a user need it even cannot do without it, it is just to be called; two high profits, make money more easily; and then to the following is the same mode, fewer competitors, the one and only do the best, and the two factors: whether to enter the market early, whether there is a unique the advantages of the formation of barriers. The problem is that enable delivery to meet the above conditions?