Four good habits can stimulate your creativity

is now an era of creativity, creative things and ideas more valuable, many entrepreneurs want to develop their own creative thinking. We should regard innovation as a daily habit, just as we should do everything well. We have summed up a lot of entrepreneurs, researchers and creative workers who are worth learning from the common characteristics of innovation, to help stimulate creativity:

1, a quarterly vacation

VCs Brad  Feld  every three months to arrange a week vacation time:

"each quarter I would give myself a week away from the network, this is the most effective thing I ever did. My wife and I set out for a place on Saturday, and I don’t have a computer with me, and I’ll give her my cell phone at the airport. By the time we get home from our holiday next Saturday, my wife will give it back to me. Usually we go to some light and pleasant places instead of staying at home. All the time on the trip I used to relax and accompany my wife. On vacation, I usually read a book every day, talk to my wife, arrange a lot of adult entertainment, sleep late every day. No matter what time to come back, I am always refreshed."

2, develop the habit of writing diaries

bestselling author Cheryl  Strayed  the importance of a diary is to say:

3, a "clipping" habit to inspire

When the

"in any project is usually let you feel puzzled, whenever this time, I will be away from the computer from the busy day, which are of great help to me to break through the bottleneck period. When you relax your mind, even if there are only 10 minutes, you will find that inspiration is easier. When it comes to creative inspiration, I think it’s very helpful to train and meditate like this.