Guy unwilling mediocre brave to break out of their own world

a few years ago, Zhao Kai is also a very ordinary students, through a few years of hard work, he also has a good job, treatment can also be. But Zhao Kai has been unwilling to mediocrity, is not willing to waste their talent in the workplace, so he chose his own spell!

chose "the rainbow children"

full of confidence and passion

after communication with the rainbow children’s clothing company headquarters, the company helped Zhao Kai to determine the store address, and send professionals were evaluated, after renovation, Zhao Kai’s shop business formally. After the efforts of Zhao Kai and the company’s support, rainbow sugar children’s clothing store opened less than three months, the harvest of a considerable profit on the Zhao Kai. Not only that, but there are many repeat customers.

rainbow to become the regional agent of children

to store all the mothers said Zhao Kai the children not only fashion style, the price is very suitable, they very love baby. Her shop is booming, Zhao Kai had to give up and filled with a thousand regrets, persistent, for today’s achievements. This is thanks to the rainbow candy kids round Zhao Kai’s dream. Later, Zhao Kai will expand the store, set up stores, and strive to become the regional agent of rainbow candy children.

these years, through continuous growth and learning, Zhao Kai was on life and a new understanding. Not only learn to give up, but also recommended