Casillas, enigmatic: “A very special day in my life is coming”

first_imgIn fact, exercising as president of the Federation is incompatible with being a professional soccer player. To do this, he must first win the elections, although he is expected to announce his decision before that. Meanwhile, next June his contract with Porto expires, so if he wants to continue, he would need to reach an agreement with his current club. In four days, the date that Casillas uses as a reference, it is a year since he suffered a heart attack that has since distanced him from the playing fields. Back then, doctors gave him a year to make the final decision for his sports career. Beyond that, the goalkeeper has already dropped on occasion that the withdrawal from the world of football as he had lived until that fateful day was about to fall. The enigmatic message from Iker Casillas. Iker Casillas has published an enigmatic tweet, which has been deleted just a few minutes later. The candidate for the elections of the Royal Spanish Football Federation wrote the following: “Week important to me personally, a very special day in my life is coming. Many memories are crowded in my head, the first one, that September 12, 1999 when I made my debut as goalkeeper of the Real Madrid first team. Four days … # 1Year ago. “last_img