Home business and family rich folks

is different from the traditional Spring Festival, the Spring Festival this year, many country have to seize this opportunity for everyone home, local business support policies to actively carry out publicity, to attract more migrant workers to return home, and fellow of the joint venture profit.

"work on the outside is a person to make money, entrepreneurship is back to the village and villagers together to make money, this let me enjoy family happiness!" A group of words from the bottom of the heart suddenly caused resonance here.

"to the town of Xian are welcome to pay New Year’s call, back to business, the Town Committee, the government will provide the platform and service industry!" Danzhou City, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee, the town committee secretary Chen Haijie said sincerely.

"Hope Town support, built overseas village gate and bicycle track." From the overseas Chinese village of migrant workers Li Feng breath two suggestions. He believes that creating the Baiguoyuan overseas Chinese village has great development potential, he will look back to the village construction trading places.

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