During the Spring Festival, what are the Raiders of cigarette sales

2016 years in a day of reduction, 2017 is coming, as the Chinese people attach great importance to the traditional festivals, the Spring Festival is coming naturally. Spring Festival is approaching, the vast number of retail customers into a tense friends preparing state. How business is booming in the Spring Festival peak earning large quantities of gold each day, sales? The following cigarette sales, for example, to introduce you to a few strokes profit Raiders, to help you earn pots full bowl full.

strategy: an ample supply of goods, continue to stall. As the saying goes, there is grain in the barn, the heart does not panic. We must have an ample supply of goods, before the preparation of goods, quantity and specifications of foot. During the Spring Festival cigarette consumption demand will grow exponentially, so be sure to order the goods. At the same time, places to visit friends and classmates increased demand will have a variety of cigarette cigarette, if incomplete specifications, is likely to miss sales opportunities. A new year, think of tobacco smoke usually Nabuchushou, will take the price a little higher smoke, this is a common mentality of consumers. We should pay attention to the "stall" stocking, increase one or two cigarette ordering.

Raiders two: beautiful shops, increasing popularity. "People rely on clothes, shop by packaging". Look at the face of the times, the higher the value of the high popularity of the shop. We should not only keep the store clean and tidy, but also a good shop dress up. Dress skills have three: one is to create a festive theme, festive atmosphere, decorate some has the flavor of the small ornaments, so that consumers have the feeling of spring festival. Two is the back cabinet display personalized, through the unique cigarette to attract consumers, increase sales opportunities. The three is to showcase the standardization, timely replenishment, no vacancy, delivery of goods, everything "feeling to consumers.

Raiders three: Qin openings, active push. "Qin openings, money hand". Doing business is to rely on the mouth to eat, if you want to sell cigarettes, it is necessary to open. Whether the new customers or old customers into the store, should take the initiative forward, then ask the demand to vary the introduction: the individual needs of consumers from introduce the characteristics of smoke, maintain the focus on brand consumer groups, pay attention to the young consumer groups to introduce the new smoke.

Raiders four: warm service, win reputation. Near the Spring Festival, we are very busy. The more this time, the more attention should be paid to provide customers with more value-added services, to win the reputation, establish a good image of the store. Actively provide customers with convenient delivery services, such as the collection of parcels on behalf of the collection, housekeeping, laundry, etc.. At the same time, we should make full use of the terminal system to push the new cigarette information to the target consumers and the brand cigarette information. In addition, you can hit the warmth card, through text messages, WeChat to send holiday greetings to customers, the store image plus points".

if you want to improve the sales of a shop, do not do their own work, relying entirely on the customer automatically door, I am afraid that such a desire to achieve the possibility is not too high. In short, if you are a store owner, you want to upgrade the store’s cigarette sales during the Spring Festival