The people of Dazhou to the disabled subsidies

in the community, there is such a group of people, they have the same as we have a sound mind, but due to various causes of physical defects. It is necessary to give them more care in a timely manner! So, Dazhou for the disabled, how to do a good job of subsidies?

this year, Dazhou has taken three initiatives to do a good job in the work of the disabled subsidies for the issuance of two. First, strengthen sectoral collaboration. The establishment of the working mechanism of "government leadership, coordination, and civil affairs led CDPF departments, social participation, civil affairs, finance, the two subsidies for disabled persons federations jointly qualification examination, subsidies and supervision and management work.

two is to increase capital investment. Hold the second generation disabled card of the city’s household residents, in accordance with the standard 60 yuan per person per month for disabled people in the city’s household living allowance; severe disability, in accordance with the level of 80 yuan per person per month, two 50 yuan per person per month to receive severe disabilities care subsidies. 1-6 months of this year, the city has issued a severe disability care subsidies 49765 yuan to 19 million 23 thousand and 300 yuan, people with disabilities living difficulties subsidies of 9 million 135 thousand and 100 yuan to 38793 yuan.

three is to strengthen supervision. In strict accordance with the "voluntary application, audit level, subsidies" process, the township (street offices), and accepted the county CDPF audit, civil township (street offices) publicity, submitted to the finance department at the county level for disbursement of funds. The relief object data so that a person of a file, statistics and matching funds are accurate, the timely release of funds to subsidize the relief object by hand to punch straight way.

With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard,

still has a lot of people who need our help in social life. Dazhou city will actively implement the subsidies for the disabled, do a good job of subsidies issued is very meaningful!

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