Tens of millions of millionaires wealth of cross-border Entrepreneurship

every entrepreneur needs to experience some ups and downs in entrepreneurial success before, at the same time in the modern society, the entrepreneurial success when people on the big boss behind the success, there are a lot of very bumpy experience.

60 yuan / kg of ribs, 38 yuan / jin of the three line meat…… Last year fell about 2000000.

80 Wang Siqiang was originally a laundry chain shop, more than and 200 stores, the annual income of nearly ten million yuan, he was willing to raise a pig went to Guizhou. Venture 15 months, although in the production and sales of a total investment of $7 million, but Wang Siqiang lost in the first year of about 2000000.

"soil pork price is high, buy low frequency, but also to the future of the focus moved to the precise customer groups dig". Although the loss of money, but Wang Siqiang is very happy: consumer demand for healthy food may be late, but never absent, to survive, this business is certainly promising."

1981 year old Wang Siqiang was born to taste the taste of success. In 2006, he founded a laundry chain brand, franchise has more than 200.

"what is not dry, every year by authorized to earn 2 million, plus equipment and supplies sales, a year can earn nearly ten million." Wang Siqiang said, let yourself have no idea is that a routine physical examination to change the trajectory behind him.

"pork is Chinese consumes most meat, to ensure the safety of the table, pork is the best breakthrough." After investigation, Wang Siqiang found that pork are of high density, short cycle, chaotic management and other issues, to raise a pig health and nutrition, need to control at the source. In March 2013, he went to the rural areas of Guizhou Province, 200 acres of land transfer, and in one year after another raised a total of 1000 pigs in the soil of the land in the city of Chishui.

2014 in May, the first batch of pig slaughter Wang Siqiang.

the continued loss of   soil pig breeding high cost

"pig natural backyard and the characteristics of the local food chain feeding, only around Chishui to meet these conditions." Wang Siqiang said that the pig breeding base of the natural environment is better, he air pollution, water, industrial pollution, traffic radius as a consideration factor, found the best in Chishui. Secondly, compared with other regions, the local farmers from rich food, local corn, wheat bran, honeysuckle, sweet potato, rice bran, grass and other natural food recommended