Technology of outdoor products company Decathlon Road West China Market

NetEase Francisco February 18th news, recently, the French outdoor technology products Decathlon group released 2016 global earnings. Relying on R & D investment, public sports technology research and the gradual popularization of the concept of healthy living, the company’s global sports product sales continued to grow. According to official reports, Decathlon group 2016 global revenue of over 10 billion euros (about 72 billion 800 million yuan), an increase of 12%.

Decathlon said, as earnings release, outside France international market accounted for 67% of the group’s business, China continues to be the most important overseas market position, the number after the mall has a 40 year history of the French market, located in the second group. read more

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A second tier consumer saturated electricity providers compete to force the rural market

in a second tier cities, the consumer market is becoming saturated, the rural market is becoming the "blue ocean" of enterprise competition". The day before the executive meeting of the State Council held clear requirements, to increase efforts to support the development of e-commerce in rural areas. Many electricity supplier companies have launched channel sink strategy.

Following last year’s

electricity supplier collective countryside whitewashing, strategy of rural electricity supplier group Jingdong recently to speed up again. The day before, Jingdong announced, located in the rural people "marketing, distribution, installation and maintenance of" one-stop service "for Jingdong" service shop quickly, 152 cities and 432 counties has covered 28 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, the average daily volume reached 3 home shop. "Jingdong help ‘service stores will be the main combination of goods, the main road logistics, publicity, moving the entrance of the sink, I hope the system to solve the problem of home appliances to the countryside’ last mile’." Jingdong help project leader Zhang Ming told reporters. read more

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On the double eleven, O2O battle mode

author Benli


eleven not to, in two before the eleven major electricity supplier has entered a phase of intense competition this year, Ali flagship O2O model, compared to previous years, no outstanding 50 percent off sales, other electricity providers to take advantage of this took the flag pole. Tencent announced in October 24th will be the electricity supplier, in October 20th, launched 5 days of "half off shipping" strength "1020 berserk Festival", but in the future every year in October 20th will be so. In addition, from the Jingdong’s "double season" to the fourteen anniversary of, where the whole 50 percent off discount to the Tencent "1020 berserk Festival", followed by the 1030 series of activities Suning "". Double eleven before the time has been full of promotional activities of the electricity supplier dangdang. These electricity providers invariably engage in promotions, is to want to advance overdraft ‘double eleven’ purchasing power. This year, Tmall chose the main O2O mode, but also other buddy hot pursuit, whether the development of mobile Internet has come to the stage of the outbreak, to what read more

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E-commerce marketing new model – the era of big Taobao

first feel very fortunate to be invited to participate in the era of leading the new era of Taobao Taobao network marketing forum of the new model – Quan Zhou Railway Station". I think a lot of benefits, here, I would like to use my blog, to share with you the important content of the meeting, we want to help.

from new Taobao strategy, Taobao strategy will be better for the consumer service, Taobao will open up the strategy of "manufacturing wholesale – retail service, let all the network platform in the network marketing, payment, logistics and technical issues smoothly. read more

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E-commerce market how to avoid being cheated

today, the network is more and more developed, many guests will choose the network to find the right suppliers, many sales staff will choose the network to release news, looking for orders. The network has given us a fast, convenient and concise way of business communication at the same time, also brings a variety of trading risk, regardless of the purchaser, or supplier, no matter what kind of way to trade, can not completely eliminate the risk of virtual network brings! So in such conditions, our online business activities how to prevent being cheated? I will according to their own sales in heat shrinkable material work bit by bit to summarize some experience and methods, for the vast number of friends from. read more

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Buy the original price of the site is extremely high processing super discount discount is flicker

Hotel Deluxe Double Room group purchase price 688 yuan, only 158 yuan! "In the face of such a group purchase advertising, however, if you resist? Miss Chang heart there is a big question:" I’ve booked this hotel but the original price two hundred or three hundred yuan, why buy price on the site is 688 yuan this is false original it?." The reporter found the on-the-spot investigation, the current price is only Hotel Deluxe Double Room 288 yuan.

reporter learned that, although the majority of the group purchase commodity price is affordable, but the group purchase website fictional plateau price "Huyou" consumer phenomenon meet the eye everywhere, to raise the price, and then to ninety percent off, eighty percent off or even less than ninety percent off of the low discount to attract consumers, it has become one of the industry’s unspoken rule. read more

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Tax deal to cross-border electricity supplier fear of collective price of maternal and child food ca

Abstract: "first, the price adjustment is positive, because the existing electricity supplier net profit had 10%, but the VAT increase of nearly 12%; second, the maternal and child class just need goods supplier is devastating, because the 12% price increase this proportion will let the child complete loss of cross-border electricity price competitiveness."

the past two years, cross-border electricity become giants and start-up companies competing for the meat and potatoes. Now a paper down, the end of tax policy dividends, over 80% commodity prices. The busy warehouse expansion of cross-border electricity supplier who can hold on read more

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Dark horse UUSee new code advertising effect on the upper floor


In order to improve the

UUSee network television advertising to download and install and activate the number, the official launch of the new form of code generation after the top of the page will pop up and install the latest version of the UUSee television network (below), effective tips to guide users to download and install, activate! Now as you take background advertising code has the same code at the prompt installation please download the station as soon as possible, put on the new code. read more

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Micro industry which red line products can not touch

as a common derivative, in the face of micro industry competition, industry rules gradually standardized and formalized, should clearly understand the micro business is no longer possible rich situation. Therefore, do a good job for the details of an ordinary micro business is very important, especially the recent introduction of the retail shop management approach (Trial) is a major milestone in the industry standardization. Some time ago there was a news 90 men open shop selling cigarettes, "indecent video" was arrested on suspicion of illegal business case, so in the choice of products is to be careful! That we are going to talk about some key matters of product selection. read more

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