Domain name renewals, beware of Swindlers Company

yesterday received a telephone, said is what I want to do all that is, the domain name has expired, I think it is due to continued ah, and then he said to me on the phone a lot of preferential policies, continued for 5 years a year, for 10 consecutive years to the property. I wonder, did not these activities? Let him send a fax to see renewals.

a fax, signed the international domain name services, China Wan Wangtong, I think what time nets called Wan Wangtong, and then look at the play money account, Fujian is a Fuzhou, Fuzhou Mdt InfoTech Ltd called Wan Wangtong, it is strange, and then find the previous domain renewal of the contract, we found that the domain name in July just a renewal, the result is obvious, it is a Swindlers Company, the name of the name of nets to deceive domain renewal, what is called the Wan Wangtong site on me, Not AD, not my station, is to give everyone a reminder, if you love the human flesh search, can engage in the dead Swindlers Company. read more

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2014 Chinese electricity supplier keyword TOP10 listed the hottest fake the most attention

2014 is in the past, 2014 people can also have eye-catching things you remember? Whether it is popular on the abuse of all chips, or more and more people doing "derivative", these words seem as "fake" eye-catching, because from Ali to the relevant departments are fake. Although the "fake" this time hot enough, but compared to the "listing" of the word, but also to the heat was inferior, 2014, regardless of the number of listed companies or the market value, are still the most. read more

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Provincial Quality Supervision released electricity supplier platform 12 product sampling results su

Nanfang Daily (reporter / correspondent Yue Zhixuan ou Zhikui) to Jingdong mall, shop No. 1,, Amazon and other electronic business platform of commodity quality? In January 25th, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released a network for sales of clothing, 12 supervision room heater electric product, law enforcement officers on the 430 production 594 batches of products were tested, the results showed that 170 enterprises produced 211 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 35.5%. read more

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Domain deletion list March 12, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn [email protected] 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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America’s largest toy maker $5 million 100 thousand shot domain name

webmaster network reported on March 3rd: according to foreign media reports, the largest toy retailer Toys R Us (ToysRUs) days ago in a domain name auction bid $5 million 100 thousand for the domain name.

as the nation’s largest toy retailer, toysrus shizaibide for this domain.

The biggest competitor

toysrus auction is the Internet domain name company National A-1, which already owns,, and domain.

The domain name starting price of $3 million, but as the two hours of competition, and ultimately to toysrus higher than the starting price of $210 to get the domain name. read more

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Jingdong channel sink Southern China built 100 ground shop

reporter Shi Jian Shenzhen reported

January 21st, Jingdong in Guangdong, Zijin County, a service center opened in Heyuan. This is part of the year 2015 Jingdong 500 service centers in the county, but also to the development of rural electricity providers Jingdong, the channel sink strategy of honor.

Jingdong group vice president Yin Hongyuan in an twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that in 2015, the Jingdong established in the Southern China area will be more than 100 such County Service Center, recruited more than 10000 rural extension workers. Currently, in addition to Heyuan Zijin County, Jingdong in Southern China, another county service center in Maoming, Gaozhou. read more

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Yes at the Baidu nnovation Conference showed X2C pie

recently saw a rumor, held in August 18th 2009 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, Baidu will officially announce "Baidu has ah" "X2C" strategy, and is of great news about e-commerce.

rumored Baidu "X2C", I estimate that Baidu has an extension of the product, Baidu "X2C" should not be limited to B2C or C2C. The biggest advantage of this platform is to create a more equal trading environment for individuals and businesses, to give users more trust and a better user experience. read more

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Multi dimension analysis of cross-border piercing eye see tax reform policy


recently made cross-border electricity supplier BOSS circle of friends must be all kinds of tax analysis, prediction of bursting, then the credibility of the new tax reform again crazy how much? What is the extension of meaning? How the enterprise should deal with the parties? City ant (customs, sellers and related agencies) for communication card, found on the market have some understanding too one-sided and blinders, so comprehensive research experts view predecessors wrote it to share to you, hope you can get some inspiration. read more

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B2C merchant warehouse management experience sharing

Some communication

according to some of my experiences and e-commerce clients, I found that when the electricity supplier daily sales order in more than 50, will face some trivial things in warehouse management. Therefore, how to better manage the electricity supplier warehouse is very important to deal with is not good, it will greatly increase the cost and manpower, but also worse impact on customer service and sales performance. So I to thank you for your enthusiasm for the proposed net renamed many good comments and suggestions, and give the home Webmaster Help me to get some personal details in warehouse management and webmaster network users to share, but only personal experience, for reference. The deficiency is also hope in this with you man from P. read more

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Yiqifa woman left Yiqifa login


Hello everyone!

left woman, is the exclusive fashion, elegant, beautiful women shopping site in


shopping under the condition of lack of honesty, hope to become friends on the left bank of retained last shopping confidence refuge

institute. Leftlady’s mission is to provide customers with two choices: beauty, or more beautiful, for this reason, Leftlady mention

which has a unique value of products and services, especially natural, healthy, safe and effective skin care, beauty, read more

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