Each other accused of tampering with the browser to upgrade the conflict between 360 and Sogou

Sogou Sogou with the Tencent, the search area of the original situation has changed, the browser and the browser war between 360 and the outbreak of the rapid escalation of the past few days. First, Sogou announced, 360 in the Mid Autumn Festival Sogou browser users to change the default, then the 360 accused Sogou input method to induce the existence of a binding Sogou browser suspects. Yesterday, the two sides, word war upgrade again. 360 security guards official micro-blog in the form of video Sogou browser accused of alleged binding bound notary. Until 9 last night when the reporter writing, Sogou has yet to respond to the so-called video evidence 360. read more

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nternational domain name open the nternet revolution or interest plunder

    Huaqi President Feng Jun a micro-blog yesterday triggered a crowd. He said that the company has just applied for a domain name.Aigo, it is possible to change the Internet development model. People have seen.Com,.Cn,.Org and other suffixes of the domain name, but never seen directly to the company name suffix, very curious.

if (application) is successful, will become an important milestone in the development of Chinese enterprises to participate in the global Internet, yesterday, Feng Jun on the phone on the first financial daily said. read more

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China’s webmaster home was sustained DDOS attacks

      yesterday due to the Chinese home owners (http://s.webmasterhome.cn) query website, suddenly discovered that it was not even, so I added China home station admin, advice that was a QQ:779359683 of large-scale DDOS attacks, announced the attacker’s QQ number, hope that the webmaster to help Chinese home owners uncovered the attacker.

      events in general is this September 5, 2007, around 4 pm, China home station was attacked, the site can not be opened, then people take the initiative to contact the owners of the house Chinese webmaster, and admitted that he attacked China home owners, at the same time for the entire station program to Chinese station house station, Chinese the owners of the house owners and their counsel, finally agreed to a program. After the attacker did not get a little credibility to continue to ask for other programs. Chinese webmaster home owners did not continue to allow their unreasonable demands, the man began to use DDOS on the home of China’s large-scale attack on the site, resulting in the use of which we can not use. read more

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