How to make the enterprise stand site optimization to maximize the effect

really do optimizationMany websites now know

Shanghai dragon should according to the order page layout and the relationship between primary and secondary div, will not junk code >

4, div+css

enterprise website do best is home, so home not only very beautifully designed, optimization of website resources are also great. But the visitors to the site will not only stay in the home, it is the main browser page. Also, only home a few hot words not too much traffic, and more competitive rankings and flow instability. read more

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User generated content will be how to change Shanghai dragon search engine optimization

This is

# noble baby continuous innovation and user experience, but also in more than a year ago, had to rely on consumers to make purchase decisions into social content.

version of the search results of the noble baby English rich web page summary display and 97 star rating review:

display examples of user generated content in Shopping

The following is the

: noble baby

last month launched the noble baby Hotel Finder example:

can see, the introduction of nobility baby control panel on the left picture, let users simply click on the search engine results page, the new values will through in place, product availability, price comparison, and community content to pass, in addition to the user in a customer evaluation content, is also included in the Shopping OneBox. read more

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What are the K website is the reason

know what is the Shanghai dragon friends know about Shanghai Longfeng workers website by K is our most troublesome thing, often get well this station is likely to be destroyed, that here we have what reason can make a web site is K

special industry caused by K special industry this problem, if you believe the forum, these sites are most likely to be K, because this is not allowed by the law Oh, but the relative profit of this industry is very high, this is the master over the station, there is no K. But the risk is great, so try not to contact the special industry, so to do the optimization, industry. read more

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What are the analysis of Web site was hung black chain harm and preventive measures

first: first talk about the definition and harm of the chain?.

third is to proceed from the vision, is no technical content, will link character and web page background color, seems to be consistent with the principle of fourth kinds of keyword accumulation; through the link position, the link appears to reach the visible screen, black chain effect.

many black chain operation hackers are basically completed by the above means, whether they are in what purpose, business or fun, we are not to live. For those PR value is higher site, we should pay more attention to the prevention of. A new website itself weight is not high, the link will not play much, but more than 4 in the PR website, hackers can make money to hang black chain. Perhaps inadvertently, your site outside the chain is hung up the bad information, and this chain is generally impossible to find, unless you are a very professional technical staff. The only thing we can do is to strengthen their own security measures, as far as possible not to let others take advantage of our negligence, then from my perspective, a > read more

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Love Shanghai Promotion Center identify the words when selecting the right page to pick a good conve

select page is actually identify the landing pages, most of the corporate website will also choose a landing page, they think that the home atmosphere, the most complete, the most prominent corporate image, home page provides too many options for patients. Just imagine, if the landing page is full of all kinds of links and buttons, so patients either click will either be at a loss what to do, can’t help them, so the patients from his needed information more and more far. Therefore, the landing page should not contain too many links, especially consulting pictures or text in various ways. The best practice is to only give patients a choice: the analysis of patient demands, patients will be brought directly to the desired information page, or a link to the most favorable to persuade patients to consult the page. read more

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Why do we included less will help you solve

search engine has been to fight for acquisition station attitude, and search engine when the number of pages in the database have the same content will be a large collection of other website web content, and these contents will be the search engines that are not included in the value of content, so even if you included the website he will delete the content in the next update, so don’t take any chances, this is the website of the reasons for the reduction, not to any acquisition, the most stupid way is you a pseudo original, the solution is more than the original content, or is the depth of the pseudo original so you can improve the site included. read more

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Your website title and description standard

keyword is the central idea of the website, the title is the site of the advertising language. The most of the website title altogether is divided into two forms: one is the website of business keywords + company brand name in the form. Such as: the construction site – Web Design – -app development network technology in the form of a certain. This is a relatively common, there is a personal ad + company brand name, such as: know your success is our business start – XX entrepreneurship network. The whole network the most professional Internet marketing experts – certain network marketing. The main function of this kind of writing the title seems to be in order to attract attention. In fact, we can also put the two together, instead of words + words + brand publicity form, as can be put in order according to their own ideas to adjust. Note: a number of Title between the word "_" or "-" or "|" of the three symbols can be. read more

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Let us create long tail keywords station also billowing flow

4, according to the long tail word query information, the original or false original article. According to the information in their own language to describe the best around long tail word, because of the time why not all the original, which is appropriate for some pseudo original post.

2, according to the website’s theme keywords range. This is very important, your website relates to what you should focus on the development of relevant keywords, so more to increase the overall weight of your website. read more

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Known as the king of the chain to obtain classified information network chain should follow 5 princi

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng rookie in the press release, don’t know how to play a catchy title. In fact, not so difficult, such as you release a product (air conditioning) information, you will go to search from what? The most common estimation search is: XX type air conditioner, the most affordable price and XX type air conditioning product performance and other aspects of the use of general consumers will want to buy air conditioning more concerned about, so everyone in the use of editing to meet user search habits. Note that the title is not too long. read more

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Losing weight off the tragic situation of Taobao Shanghai dragon future decide on what path to follo


a lot of friends in Taobao customers, many of my friends are making money, see my heart itch, decided to study. Or the old way, no experience to learn Daniel Daniel! Non losing weight is off Taobao! But this study, my heart cold air coming in, the Taobao as a good mix of big words off. Look at me:

4, the competition is so fierce, policy environment and so harsh, Taobao guests >

3, competition situation: Daniel down these vicious spiral, the degree of competition will further aggravate the home page, and the degree of competition will urge the owners of these make surplus conventional means leads to excessive optimization of Shanghai dragon, which form a vicious spiral of the fast estimation. I recently observed that, in the home page of the site, basically within two weeks, at least 50% will be K. The fight into the home life, but life will stop in the home, what a joke! read more

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Good service to Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon new life


/ Shanghai Longfeng original

Four How to use the services?

should have most people are imperceptibly cheated into the pyramid organization called Shanghai dragon". When just graduated from university to work, the time has just graduated, and wood work experience, I have a company a copy of our company we are certainly excited, I was called to the hair of the chain, in fact, I did not know what is called the Shanghai dragon, what is the network promotion, later in the work in that my original work is called the chain commissioner. What is the name of Shanghai dragon also chat, so as to have their own ideas to learn Shanghai dragon. In fact, when the mind is very simple to learn Shanghai dragon is to make money. read more

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Personal webmaster website article must be out of the spell


personal recommendation, if you are a small webmaster, your website weight is not high enough, then you only need to update every day whatever the number of articles, taking the quality first. "Jump out rate is low, the high rate of return" standard to do better. But if your site is comparable with the web site, the article basically included, the long tail basic ranking. You can open a large increase in the number of false original article to get more long tail traffic.

the number of words for read more

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Baidu webmaster how to play fast and loose Jedi

Excesses of

1, go your own way, let the search engine to collect. In fact, we all understand this, is to take the original way, search engines love new things, especially the love of Shanghai, so long as we are updated daily original content, relatively frequent, get a good rankings. Anyway, love Shanghai home extension gathered, but there are 10 natural ranking in this, we are in a position to which. To love Shanghai, included is a basic, the basic point that we are first rich, this is a process of accumulation, so you have to stick to their own way, let love Shanghai naturally included in our station. read more

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Do website allows users to help you improve the site keywords ranking

: click rate and traffic must be more than


and search engines are closely related, if the search engine to your website ranking on the front, if the site is long time no good CTR and traffic, your site itself is a problem, almost certainly the user experience is not good, so the ranking will fall, and if your website ranking even on page second, even in the back, but the clicking rate and flow rate has been very high, even more than the first page of the website, then your website ranking will soon be able to rise, because the love of Shanghai also is to allow users to quickly find what you want, if you website traffic and rankings, equivalent to many of the users are in the hands of your site is quite good, the search engine will not contrary to public opinion, nature will rank your website. L read more

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The chain is useful for love in Shanghai

I feel strange, why Google included well? Many people website Google included is not very good, but it does not say, but I do have two blogs in the Google home page, it really makes people puzzled. I used domain贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/qy Shanghai dragon 2011, the Google also included the chain a lot more, nearly 100, is Google and love Shanghai algorithm is completely different? Why such a big difference? How does not study, perhaps the only reason I can find out now is love of Shanghai built before the look a little more weight than Google, see more heavy, love Shanghai that the longer the site that its weight is higher, there are more people to visit. But it ignores many web sites are not updated, these sites to block a waste of resources in the new site in front, and such sites are not what people see, I feel the love that Shanghai should take each website update speed a little more weight, the speed of updating only can reflect the value of a website like, news website, which is updated quickly, so to see people also much ah, what is not updated is not a pool of stagnant water was read more

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Site optimization Rankings – why no flow

if you can one of these problems, solve these problems, so, website traffic is not a problem, not the problem of customer orders.

three, website optimization scheme

for the network marketing, marketing, marketing strategy and how, is the need of a detailed plan, if the need to do some promotional activities, but also need to coordinate with other departments, advance plans to write optimization program. After making a good website optimization scheme, only need to check the schedule according to the plan. read more

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Shanghai dragon ER good use of web resources do not abuse the sub domain

three, sub domain authority best separate

channel does a lot, there are a lot of sub domain. Because the A5 station is getting more popular, users need more things, can only use the sub domain can solve the website resources, so when website popularity high, want to make money, can use the sub domain. But the personal feeling of weight A5 forum is very high indeed, it seems more than their own weight. Because of the popularity of A5 forum activity rate than home, this is my personal opinion. read more

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Shanghai dragon really hard to force you

we can often see in the group of people complain about, say what Shanghai dragon bitter force, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the migrant workers are generally two to the general people who say such things are very hard to Shanghai dragon, because they spend a lot of time to do Shanghai Longfeng, so that they will feel tired, I wish to express my deep sympathy, because I have been mad and disappointed. It is because they are tired out of the results is not ideal, so will feel very hard to force the Shanghai dragon. In fact, this is a large part because their thinking is not updated. Do not believe you can go to ask why these people will think of Shanghai dragon bitter? I come to you to relieve heart doubts. read more

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The chain was officially incorporated into Sogou ask

Author: Lu Songsong (WeChat LuSongSong), reproduced please keep the source

ask Jun has joined the big family of Sogou search, opening the new website wenwen.sogou贵族宝贝, in addition to replace the domain name, add Sogou said that there is no other changes, you can still visit the QQ, although it began last month.

The good news is

, ask to do a 301 redirect to Sogou, means that the owners before the chain weight do not disappear, and the fast response time.


the bad news is that the love of Shanghai 301 reaction is too slow, most of the old URL or soso贵族宝贝. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er website ranking good habits

After Keywords and content distribution strategy for

fifth, Shanghai dragon Er do strict test in the local line on the site before, to ensure a correct part, website will also pre planning content posted up, so that when the line on the website content, website to avoid naked on the line, this site is the same industry, by customers you see feel funny after seeing that you not love, the strength of enterprises in Shanghai to see the website that you >

this is not a top Shanghai dragon optimization technology of the article, if you just want to learn Shanghai Dragon technology, the author of this article also tell you not for you, because you are at the most basic level of a Shanghai dragon, dragon in Shanghai team, you still belong to a Shanghai Longfeng strategy implementation role Shanghai dragon team record, behind the enterprises rely on the culture, but culture can unite the people, only when people are together, together will form a team, create amazing performance, such as Alibaba, such as love Shanghai, such as Tencent and Sina…… technology only is the foundation, then you will ask me, webmaster good habits and culture what? I told you, behind the Shanghai dragon team culture is Shanghai dragon Er mentality, Buddhism: from the heart Exit, your turn, good heart, everything in the nature of the good. Our Chinese ancestors, since ancient times, our education "social commitment, inspired God helps those who help themselves," these 8 words to the Li Yanmin very deep, but the website Shanghai dragon’s success is inevitably the law of success, a good attitude to develop good habits, good learning, good mood to let you use the Shanghai dragon method find the right direction, if you can do, so unremittingly to do so, then you can use the habit for good website ranking, "the three day is doomed, carefully designed a good habit, seven by hard work" I firmly believe that the success of the 70% Shanghai dragon from Shanghai Dragon Phoenix er Shanghai dragon er. read more

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