The site included experience and layout of the site

site is our webmaster a tool most commonly included, this tool can query our website, and we summarize the optimization scheme and observation, so that we can adjust the content of the website, so as to get more traffic. So today I will explain why as we usually need to be included in the query of the importance of site.

1. throughout the history of mankind, mankind is in progress, consumer demand will change over time, so our website is the same with the life cycle, if you pay no attention to the user in the content of the page, then love Shanghai will think you website provided the content is of no value, will be deleted your collection. For example, we often in the A5 forum post on that, just send a post when the user clicks rate is very high, so the search engine will soon be included in this page, and when the hot forum in the transfer, when you no longer post webmaster favors, your post will sink the following pages, no Adsense click, then the search engine will slowly delete your collection. This is why we do particularly fast reason forum personality signature chain lost. read more

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The role of TAG in the optimization of Shanghai dragon label

through the introduction of the above, we believe that the TAG tag has a certain understanding, but we also mentioned above TAG tag syntax examples, and keywords, write the TAG tag is also a lot of stress. The first point is clear TAG label for the user, so the TAG label must accord with the article content.

2, TAG tags written

what effect?

3, TAG tags in the Shanghai dragon in optimization

1, the TAG tag is what

said some TAG tags written, I believe many people have this question, I wrote a TAG label what role? TAG tag role can not be ignored, first look at a command: site, I believe that this command too familiar, but it can not only check included the website included, can also check the specific articles. read more

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A map fix construction site keywords planning


first to see through the search engine keywords planning tips. Most of the time the search engine itself provides a key way for us to deploy, and it is also the Shanghai dragon Er are a commonplace talk of an old scholar. We specify a word search in the search engine, will appear in the drop-down box and Its Related words, search for "Chengdu website promotion", in the drop-down box can see the search engine automatically, the other words, these words are Internet users often search words. read more

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Five ways to enhance the website weight

share button


page can better attract spider, this is all Shanghai dragon experimental results, although love Shanghai, Google also said now the technology has been able to distinguish the dynamic website code, but the static technology will mature after all is good, and the most important is the static website domain name address more good remember.

the best one is illustrated, using pictures and articles related to collocation can be more cause the attention of the search engine, giving higher weights. read more

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n the era of electronic commerce in Shanghai Longfeng way

A sour, sweet, bitter, hot

every day, our site search engine traffic only so much, to change the status quo is not a short duration of time things, colleagues in the era of big business, to master the Shanghai dragon play space is limited, we need to pay attention to how to more effective flow, dig out more orders from the Co. the flow in the development of the site is the right way.

great era of e-commerce, Shanghai, where is the way?

a lot of spring and summer and winter.

at the foot of the road. read more

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How to do home love Shanghai andrology hospital keywords

why do we have to do the word

The word environment on which

Liu Haihua detailed index, love Shanghai love Shanghai relevant results and difficult to determine the degree of keywords:

(3) search over 100W, moderate

basic data: the words "love Shanghai andrology hospital" index 882, love Shanghai related results about 43700000

embedded knowledge:

Page >

(2) search is less than 100W, on behalf of moderate

(1) search is less than 50W, on behalf of

1, Lanzhou modern male hospital andrology hospital industry hot search words and word of mouth word, have to do. read more

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After the optimization of love Shanghai black chain camouflage Links became popular

a lot of websites have interested in the site links to a web site at the bottom, this is a good habit; however, such information should pay attention to safety, as shown in the figure below, the link is modified for Taobao links to jump to link Taobao off site link.

there are a lot of website copyright what copyright shows, as shown in the figure, the words "TBW" as stated above in copyright. If the owners paid little attention to program copyright link themselves, will not find copyright link has been modified, such links do English keyword. read more

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Fanchon affect network promotion and Shanghai Dragon


do promotion is just get traffic and do Shanghai dragon, then take a look at everyone praised the "love of Shanghai". If you want to get traffic will need to be recommended, opening the Shanghai love collection homepage, web page is introduced and some use method, so through the love of Shanghai collection is unable to get traffic.

when Lu Songsong SITE QQ bookmark collection, that included 11700 noble baby love Shanghai, included 84

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360 beta function map accuracy needs to be improved


reporter followed by a second attempt, the upload is containing a picture of Gao Yuanyuan.

, for example, users upload the URL of the image containing Fan Bingbing, drawing function will be through the algorithm to tell you this picture of the characters of Fan Bingbing, and a brief introduction is given to Fan Bingbing and her pictures.

reporter on the first upload a picture of Zhang Xinyuan’s Web site, the 360 map gives the profile of Zhang Xinyuan and related pictures.

but in the trial process, the reporter found that the accuracy of IT Sohu is still in the 360 map beta period is not high, only four search identified a. read more

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Content editing and the chain construction of bidirectional optimization

1 for the major search engines, the directory station is undoubtedly the fastest way to get the high quality of the chain, and the chain survival period is also good. Need to pay attention to is to should choose the appropriate directory directory in the station, a lot of garbage station to rise rapidly, Shanghai dragon -er caution needs.

8, the content of the end, the "reminder" ultimately, by reminding can not only promote the brand, this is perhaps that can bring a lot of benefits. read more

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Half a month to share the website becomes the whole process 2

refused to sideThe

page flash module

. Delete Two.

five. Stop blindly the chain

of enterprise e-commerce website promotion is also carried out for many years, for many years, whether it is classified information, a chain exchange platform, decoration Forum, electronic business platform, released a lot of information, which are with the website information, the author has accumulated this part of many links, but according to the analysis of most links released earlier the death of many rubbish outside the chain of view A5 Huang Zhong, at the same time the author found that many site outside the chain of the network has been listed as a dangerous site in the inspection, the two links for the transmission site weight is extremely unfavorable, the need for people working outside the chain refused, the search engine will be data processing. read more

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A novice webmaster do outside the chain of pain and pleasure

I just contact site optimization is in a machinery factory, at the beginning of the job is to send the chain, did not write the article, simply send the chain, every job registered some account dull as ditch water, every day I have a day is really tired, tired when you feel the pain, thinking about their own future, where is the future? Machinery factory work eventually stopped, half a year after the resignation of home.

according to the analysis of the quality of the chain and included the effect of the chain, so slowly I know what the website is of high quality, which is generally outside the chain, which is outside the chain is invalid, gradually in the experiment, I see the details of the work efficiency is improved, then I own finishing some of the sites included, when it is used for direct hits, efficiency has greatly increased. read more

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An example analysis of the effect of the chain of love Shanghai library Shanghai Dragon

has been the existence of such differences on the Internet, love Shanghai library chain to Shanghai dragon end valid or invalid. Love Shanghai library show to the user is in the form of FLASH, some people think that the chain of love Shanghai library is not the search engine grab. Some people believe that the love of Shanghai to the user is in FLASH mode, to the search engine is the text form, so that the love of Shanghai library chain for the chain effectively. After a long time of practice to share the love of Shanghai library effect chain of Shanghai dragon. read more

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Google app store upgrade or will support Google glasses

for different size of screen, Google is still using the same Android application strategy, namely, with an application by stretching to adapt to different screen sizes. After the application of Google or will allow developers to develop different screen sizes of different versions. Even if the future Google glasses do not support native applications, but only provide Glassware applications, but for users, can use the Google store application, books, music and video on Google glasses, is also very good. (Chen Ran read more

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10 methods of free website traffic

free publicity is always welcome, so don’t ignore it. There are many methods, including free classified ads, submitted to the directory, not all free way to promote the site for you, but if you choose the right place, will give you unexpected results.

3, the use of social bookmarking sites.

search engine has been a main way to get traffic free. This is why you need to optimize your site, make your target keywords ranking is very good.

1, your website search engine optimization

is another way to get free traffic way is to exchange links with other sites. In exchange Links and your site you want to make sure that the nofollow attribute famous no link, but even if the links with nofollow (that is to say, they are search engine optimization useless), they can still help to get traffic to your site. If you exchange links with high quality sites, one from this link, you can get tens of thousands of hits. But be careful, if you exchange links, we must check the link every day, because the link to bad neighbors, the harm is great. read more

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Clever increase website weight, let the ranking become clouds

third: the use of the website itself increase website weight

Links is a factor of the weight of the website, the high weight of the chain will let the search engine think your station is high weight. High weight chain is the practice of the last single, he chain you, you are not his type of chain. However, now the search engine does not seem to single. A chain is good blog sprocket construction. A lot of BSP blog, so let the chain blog into a circle, and then the common point in this chain, the main station, there will be a transfer of weight, let the master achieve high weight. Also should pay attention to when the sprocket blog: when a station is K, and immediately lift the sprocket for the other station, otherwise it will affect the weight of the main station, will be found in the search engine is cheating. read more

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Talking about several profit models of grass roots stationmaster making money onlineZhongguancun pio

current network circulating personal webmaster dead, the author does not agree with this view, I believe that through the Internet to make money, profitable space is still very large, but relative to a few years ago, the threshold is higher. According to the author’s observation, the vertical segments of the industry Web site is still a great market space, for example, for example in Jiangsu, Xuzhou has done a lot of glass enterprises, and these enterprises website even willing to spend money to do sh419 for advertising, that they still have a very good network promotion consciousness, if people do a glass bottle class B2B portal, the relevant keywords and glass bottles do go up, and then find these companies charge membership services or advertising or marketing services, it’s worth trying. For example, I know a few sweet scented osmanthus ginkgo or industry site, also in the 30-400 million through advertising or membership service a year, do this kind of website is the best combination of their hobbies or resources to do, the benefits of doing so is not pre profits can always adhere to profit. read more

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A junior high school student after 80, Taobao entrepreneurial cheated feeling promotion is Taobao gu

make money is almost every webmaster dream, especially Taobao guest stationmaster, the purpose is more obvious. In order to achieve this goal, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea gexianshentong. Today I would like to make liberty rebate network as an example and friends discuss together play an important role in the promotion of guest website in Taobao.

Taobao customer promotion is not a temporary meeting, it is a long-term project. How can I be in a hurry?. One of my friends doing so to promote liberty rebate network, did not start with , he is quite good original soft Wen promotion, a month, included, IP, even the ranking has improved significantly, but is not a single business, was very distressed. I let him use promotion, a week later, although IP has nothing to change, but he has developed 41 members, Taobao clinch 11, the mall clinch 4. That’s the power of . read more

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High school slag counter attack into the University now, monthly income reached five figuresPass qui

text / symplectic Oriental, 80 writers, columnist, focus on Internet technology

quickly in the United States named Kwai, it is understood that the fast development in the United States is not prominent, but in the Chinese two or three line of the city is very popular.

was very young, both parents and school teachers said, "baby, study hard, and your knowledge will change your fate in the future.". We’ve been taught this idea since we were kids, but in the end, have we really changed our destiny, read more

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Kingsoft 2008 officially launched promotionDo Wangzhuan novice webmaster should have a positive atti

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://s.m.union.kingsoft/

Kingsoft 2008 official in the network promotion, please as soon as possible to get the package and the new advertising background. This ad and download pages have made great improvements, you can use a variety of webmaster online promotion.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

more League information is available:

second, to master some basic programming ", if not the computer profession or occupation Wangzhuan, can HTML code changes can be simple. In energy conditions, can learn some web programming languages, such as Asp, Php, Jsp. Some of the commonly used CMS system new cloud, DEDE must grasp, easy to build a small website. SEO knowledge is also very important, more leisure time to see some of the SEO article, will gradually understand well skilled application. read more

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