Micro business will die, probation 6 months

Mowgli spent two months, with an average investment of up to 10 hours a day, in-depth investigation of micro business, micro marketing, from the media, and ultimately come to a shocking conclusion —

micro business will, within the next 6 months, 90% micro are unable to escape the industry catastrophe!

I hesitated for a week, would you like to send the results reveal to the public, is likely to be struck by lightning. But the spirit of "tell the truth, do practical things," the principle, or can not help but roar roar! read more

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Home Furnishing enterprise network marketing 70 billion online shopping to try the cake Fengeng

way of doing business, channel is king. In the traditional channels gradually saturated the moment, the network channels in clothing, digital, books and other fields have been developing in full swing. The home building materials industry as a result of large volume, poor experience, logistics and transport problems and other reasons, the network has been developing slowly.

70 billion online shopping opportunities waiting for cake Fengeng

according to the authoritative data, Internet professional monitoring agency iResearch, 2005, in the digital garment industry online shopping share already accounted for 3% of the total industry situation, the domestic industry Home Furnishing online shopping share is only 0.2%, and after several years of development, in August 2010, the number has reached 2%. Only in the Taobao store 14 home products involved in the shop, the total number of more than 3 million 700 thousand kinds of products, the daily turnover reached RMB 42 million yuan. read more

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On the eve of the 12 Taobao double some merchants began to brush single money

(all the pictures are small screenshot evidence)

December 7th, at noon to eat a bowl of noodles in small, ready to write this article, and in the analysis of Taobao business thinking outside the brush single mode, I believe you read this article than you spend money to find the so-called marketing master strong.

the day before yesterday to see an article, is a financial media burst Taobao merchants brush single issue caused a strong dissatisfaction with the official Taobao, and ready to sue the media. read more

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Survey nternet users in the Asia Pacific region keen on online shopping

yesterday, Visa e-commerce consumer monitoring survey results released. Survey shows that Internet users in the Asia Pacific region is still keen on online shopping, 89% of respondents said they had conducted online shopping in the past 12 months.

in the 6 countries surveyed, South Korea (97%), China (94%), Japan (94%) and Australia (89%) higher proportion of online shopping. The number of overseas shopping sites in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow, the survey found that about 1/3 of the Asia Pacific region (39%) of respondents conducted overseas shopping sites. Among them, the number of cross-border shopping in China and India. read more

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2016 mergers and acquisitions in the first case mogujie.com hand beautiful said

yesterday, high fat cat get confirmation from the beauty, mogujie.com officially merger beauty, both the merger agreement is nearing completion, will soon be announced. At the same time, Feimao also confirmed that, after the merger of mogujie.com and beauty will not set the joint CEO, mogujie.com CEO June will dominate the whole team’s work.

the first day of the new year, mogujie.com and beautiful wedding nearly the news began to spread in the Internet circle. Sources said that mogujie.com and beauty said the two had opponents, has been shaking hands, and is about to enter the marriage hall". Yesterday, high fat cat get confirmation from the beauty, mogujie.com officially merger beauty, both the merger agreement is nearing completion, will soon be announced. At the same time, Feimao also confirmed that, after the merger of mogujie.com and beauty will not set the joint CEO, mogujie.com CEO June will dominate the whole team’s work. read more

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Taobao is the cow who wants to hide who


is now more like the Internet dictator, although from the hard times first back to taste, Taobao has continued to take the cattle, once before in order to combat competitors at the competition and cooperation completely rejected, if Taobao back shield those Internet giant Taobao we can recognize the dauntless spirit. Of course, the more fearless also demonstrates Taobao’s bullish.

Baidu can not stand ah have been destroyed

Although Baidu

in the electricity industry is an underachiever, but its absolute advantage in the search engine, is any competitors can not regard as unimportant Internet companies, in this context, Taobao decisively uses a pre emptive strategy, fully shielded Baidu spider to grab the Taobao data, the purpose of doing so one is the analysis of Taobao refused to Baidu database, so that they have gained the initiative data, it is this approach to Taobao began a vertical search engine of their own, of course, is also doing very well, has let Baidu feel the vertical pressure of competition. read more

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People need to adhere to and patience

a lot of new friends do not know how to insist, to do Wangzhuan that can earn a lot of money, this tomorrow do it today, in the end what did not in vain, is half do, make the love experience is to adhere to, as long as the election of a project, insist on down can make money.

new friends are easy to bother a mistake is anxious to make money, just imagine so good money, money is not worth the money, saying it is difficult at the beginning. The first is not difficult to walk, make love network tell you study more and more research, who are not as good as their own, I just remember to establish what also do not understand love when make, even "based not at all, is to learn and Study on their teacher’s explanation in. Everything is a process. It is impossible to fall off the pie in the sky, and their efforts are directly proportional to the success. read more

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The flowers of e-commerce into the period of Spring is in the air. can not be overlooked

e-commerce industry has always been colorful, e-commerce in the country in recent years of rapid development, more and more enterprises to close the net. As for the domestic e-commerce enterprises, clothing, cosmetics, electrical appliances, daily necessities, online shopping mall is more common, with the increasingly sophisticated online shopping environment also let the flower industry saw the dawn.

according to foreign flower market reports, China flowers per capita spending power in the lower level, with people’s consumption ability and constantly improve the quality of life, consumers have to accept the network order flowers pattern, domestic flower market increasingly showing a "Chaoyang" scene. read more

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How to do personal website operation

      first to analyze the Chinese network environment, with the increasing number of Internet China, each want to pursue a career in the interconnection network in China network can think: prospects and the "money king" has unlimited space for development. This stage of development in Chinese confusion network, personal station friends choose to like me, please recognize the overall situation, should be carried out in the end will be standing! But in the face of China network, such a good opportunity, personal webmaster should be how to gain a foothold, from thousands of individual website Rick talent shows itself? Here on the basis of their own 5 years of experience in the station, that is to change the previous ideas from the mind, specifically, the following points: read more

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Companies need to guard against.CC and other popular domain name has been registered

days ago, Heilongjiang province Jade Spring liquor limited liability company through hard domain name rights, back marks the company’s brand Chinese Jade Spring wine.CC,.COM and China Jade Spring Chinese Jade Spring wine company three Chinese domain. Experts said that this reflects the Chinese enterprise brand protection consciousness is awakening, on the other hand also shows that Chinese domain unique identification and importance, especially.CC new top-level domain, is becoming a hot spot in the domain name registration, the enterprise shall timely protection. read more

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