Personal webmaster Alexa ranking of a little experience

      the station from the station since there are a few months, not much traffic, Alexa rose is satisfied, I say a little experience to everybody below: (

      1. Install the Alexa plug-in on your machine, download the address:

      after the installation, don’t forget to put their home into their own website, so every time you open the page the first page is own, real-time to see their Alexa rankings, each open a can also add a ALEXA traffic to your site. read more

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From the personal income tax to the Baidu alliance……


Alliance: you really put our pay withholding tax? Worth pondering. The publisher you care about your tax withheld really paid



Alliance for discussion for tax reply and users:

below the reference publisher forum admin article:

      domestic publishers will face the issue that advertisers will withhold part of tax, tax deductible proportion is in accordance with the ratio of personal income tax. Although many publishers do not want to, but because it is mandatory, there is no other choice. read more

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Consumption in the sun Online 315, Chinese consumers cheated Report

last night, CCTV 315 evening broadcast, including auto 4S shop "ailment overhaul", telephone fraud, free WiFi steal user information related to the rights and interests of consumers one by one exposure. At the same time at the party, "Penguin" cool exclusive release "online 315· national survey, for the majority of Internet users Chinese, sampling and analysis of fake and fraud through more direct way, finally completed the" 315: Chinese online netizen "cheated" report ". read more

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Explore the two dimension of the pirated world B station, post bar, QQ group

two dimensional world, piracy is always as the shadow follows the form. Whether it is helpless or greedy, we do not want to have any judgment on the rationality of the existence of piracy.

two dimensional world, piracy is always as the shadow follows the form. Whether it is helpless or greedy, we do not want to have any judgment on the rationality of the existence of piracy. Curious outsiders is that several major domestic well-known two dimensional community: B station ring, Baidu Post Bar, Tencent in the QQ group, piracy will be a kind of living creatures? Therefore, we did a little investigation. read more

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The bottleneck of car rental industry funds behind the pack melee financing is the main driving forc

Pan Wei; Zhao Na Shanghai, Beijing reported

"the United States has 200 million private cars, a total of about 3 million car rental companies". EHI founder Zhang Ruiping told reporters.

Chinese car ownership of more than 100 million to the end of 2011 data, private car ownership of more than 77 million vehicles. Roland Begg consulting company (hereinafter referred to as "Roland Begg") statistics, in 2011 China’s car rental market fleet size of 215 thousand units.

two-phase control, whether it can be a simple inference, China’s car rental industry is still a lot of space? read more

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1 billion dollars do takeout, nternet thinking pull eggs

first explained that this is not a criticism of my article, but questioned, yes, questioned.

see the recent online crazy pass, a delivery companies hungry for financing, the financing of $1 billion, $1 billion, how much is it? 6 billion 600 million yuan! A takeaway platform, so large financing, before it is not already melt into money, whether the

value of money?

first, I personally to the capital market is not very familiar with, because in my mind, now the capital market people are silly money, follow the trend of serious investment projects is up to as long as a no loss, but also not stupid people crazy, they must have their own investment the position, not that this investment is a place for our first stage goal is, to count an account read more

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n the invitation of minon goods meters

              with the increasing popularity of the Internet, the number of Internet users in China has become the first country in the world, making the Internet friend understanding and application of the value of the domain name is more and more proficient, "rice farming" extensively and registered trademarks, trade names, derivatives industry attributes all possible and the associated image mark down, as the unique identifier of the network in the world of its unique charm, greatly enriched the Internet information world, also have the enormous convenience for users.              
              to set in stationmaster net network festival to all Internet users friend "in the moon minon meters" domain name collection, product competition. read more

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Lily burst crisis Founder left, more than executives leave

NetEase science and technology news March 18th news, today, insiders said that after the lily network COO Xu Yuanjie left, its founder Mu rock has left. It is said that the recent Lily network executives frequently leave Lily network in February 2013 was accused of no qualification training, but also to allow cooperation agencies involved in bankruptcy caused by the relevant.

the source also said that at present, Lily network not only suffered a high level of confusion, but also may be involved in a more intense business disputes. The dispute involves a number of offline suppliers. At the same time, there is news that in the past year, Lily network has been questioned by internal management confusion. read more

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Entrepreneurs talk about insider buying big site to join the end of the good time

in March 2010, a sudden emergence of a business model, a few million can be started, but also quick to make big money. Only two years later, this was the most popular business and investment business has continued to shut down state of extreme nervousness., layoffs, until recently quite well-known Groupon and Ganji have trouble. Consumers are suspicious: customer service phone call, the website is not closed? The boss did not answer the phone, is not run away? This consumption group purchase, but also worthy of trust? Have what group purchase what read more

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Once again, the blog bus can not visit the official said the room was hacked

February 1st 17:15 news, the domestic well-known blog service providers (BlogBus) blog bus access in recovery after half a month, again this afternoon there cannot be accessed, officials said the cause of the malfunction is computer hacking.

users broke the news, blog bus again this afternoon unable to access the fault. Confirmed by the news, Dou Yi CEO, founder of BlogBus line (net ", he explained warer"), this is because of the failure to access the blog bus server room was hacked, when full recovery is still uncertain. read more

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