Speed transit nstitute 2013 China B2B Market Analysis Report

speed transit Institute January 22nd report (Analyst Zhang Hui, Shen Yuede) e-commerce in the past 10 years has been the rapid development of China’s economic growth has made an important contribution to the. At the same time, the electronic commerce not only solve part of the enterprise growth stagnation problem is more driven by tens of thousands of people found work and build up the family fortunes. B2B business as an important branch of e-commerce, e-commerce than other types of larger scale, driven by the number of population and economic growth more. At present, with the transformation of the national economy and the rapid development of information, China will have more business transactions online, B2B business will continue to be recognized by people. read more

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Jingdong large pharmacy double 11 debut on 100 thousand single pin hub

double 11 war in the war, as the first drug can not participate in the transactions online shopping festival, the pharmaceutical business practitioners are "desperate efforts": Ali health invited the star platform broadcast; other brand promotion activities envelopes all pharmacies. Today, there are people in the industry to billion state power network broke the news of the Jingdong this year 11 medical health field goal.

a, 100 thousand single: the first battle of the small pharmacy Jingdong read more

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Urumqi will build a professional market e-commerce service platform

2010, the capital of Urumqi will begin to build a professional market of e-commerce public service platform. After the completion of the platform, the capital of the dealer through e-commerce platform can be visited mainland wholesale market.

May 25th, reporters from the Xinjiang Productivity Promotion Center learned that this year, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will focus on supporting the construction of public service platform, professional e-commerce market, realize the transition from traditional economy to the new economic model of the pavement. read more

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Scouring the sea with the new deal with the purchase of new postal taxes also need to change

March 2nd news, cross-border import electricity supplier will implement a new tax system after the news spread, the industry is about to usher in the upcoming changes in bonded imports have been the end". Some critics said that if the channel bonded to cancel the $50 threshold, and the value added tax (or VAT and consumption tax) 70%, while the original parcel tax still exists, and then express mail (customs parcel tax paid the amount of personal items) may be re up. However, the issue of whether the postal tax rate will change accordingly has not been clear. read more

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