Google agent door event storm unfulfilled litigation removed the agent

the second half of last year, Google China "agent gate" incident made by Google: because raise a Babel of criticism of unilateral termination of agency agreement, 7 agents in Jiangsu and Zhejiang angry counterattack, protest Google "hegemony" behavior. After several negotiations, the two sides have yet to reach an agreement, but the event was calm before the end of the year.

However, the latest news reporter

, Google agency door storm did not end, there are at least two agents and the contradiction between the intensification of Google, fight or take arbitration channels. In addition according to the reporter, the domestic Internet enterprises "gold" company has incorporated some Google agents, including a number of "acting door" incident agents. read more

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China’s webmaster home was sustained DDOS attacks

      yesterday due to the Chinese home owners ( query website, suddenly discovered that it was not even, so I added China home station admin, advice that was a QQ:779359683 of large-scale DDOS attacks, announced the attacker’s QQ number, hope that the webmaster to help Chinese home owners uncovered the attacker.

      events in general is this September 5, 2007, around 4 pm, China home station was attacked, the site can not be opened, then people take the initiative to contact the owners of the house Chinese webmaster, and admitted that he attacked China home owners, at the same time for the entire station program to Chinese station house station, Chinese the owners of the house owners and their counsel, finally agreed to a program. After the attacker did not get a little credibility to continue to ask for other programs. Chinese webmaster home owners did not continue to allow their unreasonable demands, the man began to use DDOS on the home of China’s large-scale attack on the site, resulting in the use of which we can not use. read more

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South Korea won the Northern Light Venture Capital and other social networking sites for an addition

              Admin5 stationmaster net news Beijing time on January 15th, according to foreign media reports, South Korean social networks and online game service provider Nurien Software announced on 14, northern light venture capital, Qiming venture, Globespan Capital Partners and New Enterprise Associates four the success of the venture investment institutions the first round of investment of the additional investment, the amount of $10 million.

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Ministry of Railways responded to 12306 questions no mention of the cost of data

original title: the Ministry of Railways to respond to 12306 booking system tender questioned

open tender process; does not involve the use of 330 million details, website design, construction and operation of the total cost, bidding information, such as the company

Beijing News (reporter Liu Chunrui) recently, the media and the public to the railway ministry of the new generation of ticket system spent 330 million strokes, but it appears difficult to log, tickets and other issues issued a question. Yesterday, the Information Office of the Ministry of railways made a relatively specific tender process. read more

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Different people in the eyes of the page tour of the future prospects of different pages

The host

37 game of the second session of CIGC ended, the game was observed with 37 game co-founder Li Yifei had a short conversation about Webpage Game about this, not optimistic about the industry’s industry, about its past, present and future.

different people in the eyes of the different prospects of page travel

page tour in the end what kind of status in the game industry in the end, different people may have different views.

for those fleeing Webpage Game transformation, Mobile Games manufacturers, Webpage Game has been declining, there is no longer available for development opportunities, "2014 Chinese game industry report" shows that in 2014, Chinese web game market actual sales revenue 20 billion 270 million yuan, an increase of 58.8%. China Mobile game market actual sales revenue reached 27 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 144.6%. read more

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National nternet nformation Office deployed to combat nternet rumors

in Beijing in May 2, reporters today learned from the state Internet Information Office, is a nationwide centralized deployment and combat use of the Internet rumors deliberately spread rumors behavior, has recently been investigated in Guizhou Lee and many other manufacturing and using the Internet to spread rumors deliberately people, closed a number of rumors pass rumors micro blog account, the public security organs a detention order punishment to relevant personnel.

reporter learned, Guizhou netizen Lee and Gongmou to attract eyeball, using their Sina micro blog account created and spread of bird flu occurred in Guiyang rumors, resulting in adverse social impact, the public security organs shall be given administrative detention for 5 days, Lee Gongmou 10 days of administrative detention punishment. National Internet information office according to the law closed more than and 20 micro blog account Gongmou, Lee et al. read more

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Remember the four team celebrated the loan pat scriptures like persistence and purification

Office of the State Council, No. 107 text, so pat loan Zhang Jun mood. Four brothers continue to purify and adhere to the scriptures ", was finally rewarded

head Zhang Junxiang Tang Seng, with Hu Honghui like pig, responsible for risk control of Li Tiezheng like Wukong, and Gu Shaofeng closer to shaceng


_ Reporter Lin Mo Wu Jinyong _ Jia Rui editor _ photography

[Chinese entrepreneurs] in 2009, Zhang Jun from the minimally invasive software company to leave, dedicated to pat the loan, the P2P platform company is walking on the edge of collapse. read more

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The second wave of mobile nternet wave will be vertical

The first wave of

wave of mobile Internet has basically come to an end, who also wore pants, who have been seen naked. Now we are thinking about the second wave of opportunity where, I think it will be perpendicular to the opportunity, big game player does not look, small game player who is more keen to see who can do better, solve the pain points business is good business.

today China has become the world’s largest smartphone market, with the popularity of smart phones to the public, mobile applications gradually change people’s lives in all aspects. In recent years, the focus of entrepreneurship has shifted to the mobile Internet, whether it is BAT, or medium-sized Internet Co, all kinds of entrepreneurs are engaged in the entrepreneurial wave of mobile internet. Over the years, I think the first wave of mobile Internet wave has basically come to an end, who also wore pants, who have been seen naked. read more

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Robin Li brags Yang Zhiyuan to send a gift

some time ago, Baidu will IM rumors flicker streams of people busily coming and going. As a result, Robin Li is just a hint to say: IM good, but better is the Baidu mailbox, to engage in, engage in unlimited amount of. Dark language: Baidu to push unlimited mailbox for you to see. As a result, half a year down, there is nothing, no shadow Baidu mailbox, but Yang Zhiyuan’s YAHOO out of the infinite.

No wonder Baidu

, a listed company, of course, be careful, before the listing of Baidu said, that the search has not a purpose, but a means to make money, also has caused the deep level leaving Liang Dong. On the surface, because of Robin Li’s distrust, in fact, or contrary to the faith of Liang Dong. When Baidu’s hard can together, strange, a listing is run away? Liang Dong silly? No, Liang Dong is not a bit silly. The Chinese confirms a saying: a different place. Liang Donglai Baidu ago, because of the optimistic search culture, to create a strong Baidu is the search culture atmosphere. But when the market, face the dilemma to draw further apart with a groan:, just just, or to the study of Buddhism to me. There is no culture of the company, leaving only the remaining body, and the soul, had No. Lost in the soul, good body, in the heart of the appearance, sooner or later will be ashes to ashes. read more

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