Delete the 49 profit more than 8 yuan hackers intrusion case uncover shady delete posts October 4 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Xia Guannan, Fu Yongtao) delete 49 will be able to profit 8 million yuan Hainan "hackers" illegal intrusion case opened delete underground industry chain inside

to delete the net posts, the suspect illegal control of computer information systems to obtain economic benefits. The reporter found that illegal intrusion in Hainan Province announced the day before the "hacker" in the case, now all kinds of "occupation delete" ads in the network overwhelming, delete, delete, seconds fast slow delete are clearly marked, a gray interests of the chain has quietly formed underground. read more

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May DC brand attention index ten Hegemony civilink chinacache won the championship

IDC network ( on 09 August 06 reports: according to the latest review of IDC network data show that in May 2014, China civilink continued to beat the pack, won the "double champion", respectively is the highest attention index, up to 1654952; the largest increase in the top ten, 1050. While the rest also ranked no change, still is chinacache and vianet to three seats. Next, look at the review and analysis of the data of IDC.

(Figure 1) May 2014 national IDC brand attention index TOP10 read more

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CCTV exposure P2P net loan temptation trap will really make you bankrupt

[high return, high interest temptation, P2P net loan temptation, but at the same time some P2P companies run away message have occurred, Mr. Guangzhou had 90 thousand yuan investment in basic boondoggle. [


looks up to 20-30% of the return on investment Mr. Zeng fell into P2P net loan scam

The 72 year old Mr.

is a retired cadres in Guangdong city of Guangzhou Province, 2000, retired he began to keen on all kinds of investment, but after several practice, Mr Tsang feel no matter what kind of investment projects are not ideal returns. An accidental opportunity, Mr. Zeng learned that a new investment projects – P2P net loan platform. read more

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Zhou Hongyi we are fucking rich


commentator @ micro-blog said Kang Guoping looking for a long time to find 360 of our network (, and Ca Zhou Hongyi "your home domain too wonderful, the old week not only" accept ", why not also accused the relevant personnel will switch to the domain name and, and said" to spend one hundred million to buy back idle, you fucking money."

: Zhou Hongyi

Pinyin and digital domain as the two major domestic domain, have obvious advantages,, and have the characteristics of short, easy to remember, a high degree of recognition, this boutique domain name does not make good use of it a shame? But at least, Qihoo 360 have the good domain. read more

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Successful website four factors climate, geography, and management

      if you want to be a webmaster rather than a programmer, don’t put all the energy is spent on technology website programming, art, technology is not the most important (but also how to say in the past), important is how to operate. The key to the success of a website is natural, and operate the four factors. Ma Yun is an example.

      if you are driving a XX net, XX is not a fire.

      analysis: the popular XX network, although the competitiveness of small, but you can do it first how much traffic? read more

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nventory 2013 entrepreneurial direction online education, mobile and O2O

editor’s note: time flies, 2013 has gone; in the field of science and technology still amidst the winds of change, continue to move forward. Always need a moment, we should stop and look at the days. It is perhaps the best choice, so we launched the "2013 annual billboard technology award at this moment, and invite you to participate in the vote. Let us go looking back.

Sina Technology Mu Yuanyuan

a new mode of subversion of the traditional new product, new creative life shock, toggle nerve, innovation has become the enterprise survival based on internet. read more

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July 14, 2012 about 3:30 in the afternoon, a message founder Luo Yonghao in the micro-blog hair disturb the quiet weekend. Luo Yonghao in micro-blog, said: today was found to be blocked for several years cattle Bo network into a Tmall." And that will be directed at the network, said network if it does not give an explanation, the rest will fight and nets.

The micro-blog

has been issued, it has caused a lot of domain name industry veteran attention, including well-known domain name investors will not point out the secret ghost "done so cattle website, do not even know the domain name expired deleted after re registration?". Then there are other domain names to do the analysis, said the domain name just because the expiration was deleted, and now others are re registered. As for the original domain name registrar whether before deleting any network told Luo Yonghao, you can make nothing of it. So, Tmall network black Bo network domain name to cheat the flow of conspiracy theory does not exist, it is more arrogant civilink. read more

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Mini blog how crossed the four threshold

service positioning information flooding profit model market competition –

Shenzhen prices sixteen thousand." 13:55 on July 17th, when users input ch1018 this sentence in his QQ "sharawadgi robot" after several of his friends also saw this sentence, some of the "automatic speaking" in their own home, some in the QQ, while others are in their own mobile phone. This statement also clearly shows the time and source: 10 seconds ago, from QQ".

what are you doing at this moment?" This is a matter of little concern, seems to be creating a new Internet business opportunities. read more

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Mango TV was A round of financing over 500 million yuan to be proposed this year, landing three new

mango TV A round of 500 million yuan financing to be achieved this year, landing three new board

[TechWeb] June 9th news reports, mango TV operator happy sunshine chairman Nie Mei said, mango TV has completed the A round of financing, financing over 500 million yuan of funds, released less than 7% of the shares, the valuation of the company exceeded 7 billion. During the year, mango TV intends to landing three new board.

Nie Mei said, mango TV had hoped for a second round of financing, but eventually decided directly listed on the new board, hope will be conducive to the normal operation of mango TV. read more

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Tencent money through the test version of the online account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not

Tencent CAITONG test on-line account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not exceed one million

NetEase Francisco January 16th news, yesterday evening, Tencent WeChat edition balance treasure CAITONG beta quietly on the line, the 7 day annualized yield of 6.4350%, demand deposits equivalent to more than 16 times, in the stage of trial operation in daily limit to less than 8000 yuan.

funds deposited free of charge

CAITONG rely on WeChat, located in WeChat’s my bank card section, the main mobile platform, so it can not buy through the PC platform caitong. read more

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