nternet thinking online education must have three hardware

Objective: 2013 online education hot debut in 2013 2013 swept the Internet Internet thinking, thinking of using the Internet to do mobile phone, in 2013 2013 the use of the Internet thinking catering, thinking of using the Internet to do a brothel, the 2014 online education how to make good use of the Internet thinking. Online education is very beautiful, it is a series of eleven from the three levels of thinking about the Internet online education.

free is the most expensive, fans economy, reputation, focus, extreme, fast, slow, interactive, etc……. , this is the interpretation of the Internet thinking in the minds of some of the words. Ninth Huang told the online education how to do a fan of the economy, then online education under the Internet thinking should have what conditions? This paper from the three aspects of the. read more

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With the first in Hongkong Alipay, WeChat to pay the license the flames of war to the new battlefiel

after obtaining the license, Alipay, WeChat paid not only to continue to serve the Hongkong businesses, but also provide electronic wallet, such businesses offer mobile life services for Hongkong consumers.

source: Vision China

August 26th, the Hongkong Monetary Authority announced according to the "payment system and stored value payment instruments regulations" formally issued 5 prepaid payment instruments (SVF) license, the first batch of winners include Tencent’s WeChat Pay (WeChat paid Overseas Edition), ant gold suit’s Alipay wallet, Hongkong Telecom’s Tap& Go (shoot; live tours) and TNG electronic money bag and Octopus "easy to". read more

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n 2013, the annual conference of the central station of Guangzhou

PC link: http://s.webinar.vhall.com/action.php? Module=reg& id=477803331

short link: http://s.t.cn/zQ5oiOB

by the Guangdong club owners (2013 years Guangzhou webmaster salon) launched in salon will be held in Guangzhou, Panyu south of the Five Ridges international e-commerce Industrial Park Center Cultural Square on July 20, 2013, is the first South of the Five Ridges international e-commerce Industrial Park salon.

Guangzhou webmaster salon

first South of the Five Ridges international e-commerce Industrial Park salon read more

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Domestic inter network settlement policy or the relevant opinions will be introduced recently

December 10th news, in 2012 China’s Internet Interconnection achieved initial success, the realization of inter network bandwidth expansion 313G. In view of the existing problems and settlement of long nets Dumbo was informed that the current settlement system or will be adjusted to gradually with the international settlement system standards, domestic Internet prices have dropped steadily. Relevant opinions will be introduced in the near future.

2012 network bandwidth expansion 313G read more

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Experts say the speculation . Chinese domain name will lose everything

‘.’ China ‘domain name is now very popular, from the beginning of the year, the number of registrations per month are significantly increased." The person in charge of a domain name registration agency, referring to the "China" domain name to the economic information daily reporters.

, according to incomplete statistics, China square net domain name registrar this year ". Chinese" domain name registration volume growth, the average monthly remained above 20%, some domestic large and medium-sized enterprises are also in the first time. "China" domain name registration. read more

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The bottleneck of car rental industry funds behind the pack melee financing is the main driving forc

Pan Wei; Zhao Na Shanghai, Beijing reported

"the United States has 200 million private cars, a total of about 3 million car rental companies". EHI founder Zhang Ruiping told reporters.

Chinese car ownership of more than 100 million to the end of 2011 data, private car ownership of more than 77 million vehicles. Roland Begg consulting company (hereinafter referred to as "Roland Begg") statistics, in 2011 China’s car rental market fleet size of 215 thousand units.

two-phase control, whether it can be a simple inference, China’s car rental industry is still a lot of space? read more

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1 billion dollars do takeout, nternet thinking pull eggs

first explained that this is not a criticism of my article, but questioned, yes, questioned.

see the recent online crazy pass, a delivery companies hungry for financing, the financing of $1 billion, $1 billion, how much is it? 6 billion 600 million yuan! A takeaway platform, so large financing, before it is not already melt into money, whether the

value of money?

first, I personally to the capital market is not very familiar with, because in my mind, now the capital market people are silly money, follow the trend of serious investment projects is up to as long as a no loss, but also not stupid people crazy, they must have their own investment the position, not that this investment is a place for our first stage goal is, to count an account read more

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Provincial Quality Supervision released electricity supplier platform 12 product sampling results su

Nanfang Daily (reporter / correspondent Yue Zhixuan ou Zhikui) to Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, suning.com, Amazon and other electronic business platform of commodity quality? In January 25th, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released a network for sales of clothing, 12 supervision room heater electric product, law enforcement officers on the 430 production 594 batches of products were tested, the results showed that 170 enterprises produced 211 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 35.5%. read more

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