Strengthen the cooperation between the two countries and promote the coordinated development of east

7 26, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng met with the mayor of Shenzhen, Xu Qin and his party in the city of East Sea, the two sides held talks on deepening cooperation.

Shenzhen, Haidong on strengthening economic and trade cooperation, deepen cooperation in the production and marketing of agricultural products, the establishment of long-term cooperation mechanism and other aspects of the initial framework of a friendly cooperation framework agreement, the two sides are in-depth cooperation. read more

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Qinghai 10 billion investment in livelihood areas involved in full nternet plus

Since last year, our province has made some useful attempts in the field of "Internet plus", networking, software development, photovoltaic industry has achieved remarkable results. This year our province will be in medicine, social security, transportation, food safety and other livelihood areas comprehensively relates to "Internet plus", completed an investment of 10 billion yuan of "broadband Qinghai · digital Qinghai mission.

networking applications, 2014 around the industry and agriculture, transportation, health care, environmental protection, power, tourism, urban management, logistics, Home Furnishing 10 key areas, 35 compounds in the province to implement the networking application demonstration project, part of demonstration project has a role. Software development, focusing on the development of industrial software, embedded software, minority language software. Cloud computing data applications, cloud computing data center in Xining, to meet the requirements of the province’s 100 bureau level units of equipment hosting and cloud service requirements. At the same time, vigorously develop e-commerce platform. In addition, in the field of photovoltaic, intelligent photovoltaic power station equipped with GPS, infrared imaging and wireless transmission equipment UAV, thermal imaging of the photovoltaic module of the power station scanning, so as to accurately locate the faulty components. read more

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The province’s three courts will comprehensively promote the trial live

October 24th

reporter learned that Qinghai Province Higher People’s courts at all levels to the full implementation of public hearings, public hearing in accordance with law of criminal, civil and administrative cases, follow the principle of open, not open to exception, relying on micro-blog, WeChat and other media, websites, video on the Internet to form the trial broadcast platform the trial webcast. High degree of concern for the public, the greater the social impact of the legal publicity and education significance of the hearing, mediation and other litigation activities should also be webcast. read more

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Xining Railway Public Security Bureau launched a special action to combat ticket traffickers

January 15th, the Xining Railway Public Security Bureau began to deploy special operations to combat ticket dealers, while the joint pursuit of criminal suspects, to ensure the smooth flow of passenger transport and passenger safety. In January 17th, the Xining Railway Police Department investigation team police boarded the votes by Xining to Chengdu 1050 times a passenger train ticket to carry out investigation, found 5 tickets two passengers to buy a fare phenomenon, to work immediately on the same day at 14:30, in a hotel near the passenger is to increase 37 yuan a day selling 1 Xining to Chengdu 1050 a hard seat ticket violations meters captured. According to the relevant provisions of the law on Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the police gave the illegal person an administrative detention of 15 days and fined a fine of $300. During the operation, the police will be on the ticket "faces" cleared up, on the ticket with the registration, accurately grasp the rules and characteristics of activities scalper, strict group tickets, tickets, telephone booking, ticket contract and other ticket agent point link card control, to prevent the inflow of ticket scalper. At the same time, police organization into each passenger train and internal units, stations, freight yard, liquefied gas station, dangerous goods warehouse and other key parts of the key, strengthen fire prevention, explosion proof, anti sabotage work, and the relevant departments jointly carry out the criminal suspects in the hunt. read more

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Xining limeng name card west area of Commercial Pedestrian Street won the China famous commercial st

Following Chengdu, Xining, West District, Chunxi Road city commercial pedestrian street has become the country’s twenty-seventh was awarded "China’s famous commercial street" streetFollowing the Chengdu Chunxi Road, Xining West District commercial pedestrian street has become the country’s twenty-seventh was awarded "China’s famous commercial street" of the block. In June 9th, Chinese city commercial network construction and management of the Federation Chairman Liang Renkan, director Han Jianhui Chinese walking Commercial Street Working Committee for the Xining Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane award. read more

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The most beautiful people in Qinghai recommended selection activities start

in order to further strengthen the construction of socialist core value system, build confidence, open and innovative new Qinghai consciousness, to further promote the construction of civilized Qinghai, Provincial Committee of civilization decided in mid August to carry out around looking for the most beautiful people in Qinghai ".

the most beautiful people in Qinghai are mainly in the selection process of new construction in Qinghai, make contributions to promoting economic and social development, harmony and stability, especially emerged in advocating and promoting social morality, occupation morality, family morality and personal morality activities with excellent quality, embodies the spirit of the times, show the spirit of the time. Leading the social trends, moving deeds of advanced collectives and individuals typical. read more

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