Lianyungang high tech Zone nnovation and entrepreneurship highlights the new advantages of science

provincial economic development, need to implement management policies, also need to understand the importance of science and technology entrepreneurship. Lianyungang hi tech Zone is the focus of talent and technology, has a lot of resources, has a very good entrepreneurial resources for young entrepreneurs to bring a very good platform for entrepreneurship.

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Know almost $20 million B round of financing how to build a knowledge sharing community of 6 million

domestic knowledge quiz website has been a new round of financing on the day before, Saif lead investor funds, this round of financing of $20 million, this is the second since 2011 almost know to get another round of financing. Know almost the last round of financing by Qiming investment partners.

how to build a knowledge sharing community of 6 million users to look at the interview before the I dark horse Zhou source.

ten years ago, Zhou Yuan in Shanghai a Canadian foreign companies to write code, and most of the "code rural", although in the world’s most advanced areas of work, but the real change to the outside world is poorly understood. read more

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Watch the scene they gathered net capital chain businesses collective debt

CEO yesterday gathered for Geng cloud breeze, is extremely tough day, he claimed to be the lowest life since, as hundreds of businesses he faced the collective debt.

2 pm yesterday, according to the agreed time, hundreds of businesses with the boss to group purchase website together network headquarters in Beijing Haidian District Danleng Street No. 18 wealth building, most of them from Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, from Chongqing and Harbin and other provinces. No reason for him, only to recover arrears. read more

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Discuz! X2 plug-in, template development seminar successful conclusion

recently, initiated by the Discuz, the joint blue ideal, Admin5, ChinaZ, PHPChina co sponsored by the template plug-in competition into the countdown stage. The contest to share excellent template plug-ins as the theme, as of today, the Organizing Committee received a total of nearly a hundred entries from all over the country templates and plug-in works. In July 9th, the organizers held a special "Discuz! X2 plugin, template development seminar", by many Discuz! Plugin template developers, programmers. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast Ali push nail battles WeChat millet Note released the top version 3299

1 Cai Wensheng: Angel’s ambition  

A5 Cai Wensheng, one of the pioneering era review: angel investment field of the earliest and most successful entry, he called the most understand the start-up’s Angels! In his eyes, there is eight by the business model, is to rely on the one or two "Nirvana" in the Internet space in a blaze sunshine Avenue, although in a very long time, he was always ignored the existence of the Internet community. Understand the needs of the masses, with the most simple and most direct function to meet the needs of the masses. This is Cai Wensheng’s magic. He thus finds the lowest threshold to intervene, and then seeks the highest value of the harvest. read more

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July 14, 2012 about 3:30 in the afternoon, a message founder Luo Yonghao in the micro-blog hair disturb the quiet weekend. Luo Yonghao in micro-blog, said: today was found to be blocked for several years cattle Bo network into a Tmall." And that will be directed at the network, said network if it does not give an explanation, the rest will fight and nets.

The micro-blog

has been issued, it has caused a lot of domain name industry veteran attention, including well-known domain name investors will not point out the secret ghost "done so cattle website, do not even know the domain name expired deleted after re registration?". Then there are other domain names to do the analysis, said the domain name just because the expiration was deleted, and now others are re registered. As for the original domain name registrar whether before deleting any network told Luo Yonghao, you can make nothing of it. So, Tmall network black Bo network domain name to cheat the flow of conspiracy theory does not exist, it is more arrogant civilink. read more

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Pinterest the value of mining user interest map


if the Internet industry to emerge from the new product analogy fashion apparel collocation, what will be the trend of the next season?.


, Twitter, Foursquare, when Facebook GroupOn, Tumblr of these Internet fashion star turns the stage, Pinterest has caused a new upsurge in the United states. Unlike the stars before it, women aged 25 to 44 years of age accounted for about Pinterest of all users of about 60%. It’s popular Silicon Valley route is not to rely on the typical diffusion from the scientific community, male opinion leaders from the public, but by the original art and design professionals such as seed users to housewives and various professionals and enthusiasts interested in diffusion. read more

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Tencent burst No. QQ major loopholes available any friends list

the evening of February 8, 2009, a netizen in the country’s largest personal webmaster forum – laggards webmaster forum webmaster resources edition released a claim to search for any QQ friends list, and released the forum Webmaster: refusing to swim fish QQ friends list. Immediately attracted flowers and the webmaster of post evaluation. More people to write a web version of the query sent out, to 0:00 in the morning, the owners have found a significant reduction in the number of queries QQ, the event has come to an end. read more

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Tencent enterprise WeChat can ask for leave of absence from your boss

enterprise WeChat combines the announcement, attendance, leave, reimbursement and other office needs, users can easily get it on the phone. In addition, WeChat also has some innovative enterprises more joint office scene features, such as message receipt and rest.

source: Vision China

rumor has long been the enterprise WeChat finally surfaced. On the morning of April 18th, Tencent announced the WeChat App version of the download address of the enterprise through the WeChat public.

overall, the company’s WeChat App with the previous rumors of the product shots are roughly the same, divided into four versions, including the phone side of the Android, iOS version, as well as desktop Windows, Mac version. read more

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