Beauty long nose right eye blindness now need to keep the left eye

beauty has the heart, even if the choice of cosmetic surgery must be based on security, the choice of a regular hospital. For small make up feel is not very scary also don’t need plastic surgery, mainly to see temperament, is not! Recently, there is a beautiful woman long nose right eye blindness, is a great regret!

: Tragedy

"blind right eye nose necrosis

it dates back to November 15th last year. In the introduction of a friend, she arrived at Guicheng street lamp West Lake area south of Hongkong new beauty shop ", the operator of the beauty salon for Shen Moulin and Shao Mouhua (handled separately). She spent 6000 yuan to conduct rhinoplasty. YingYing and later learned that this "friend" is a beauty salon yituo. read more

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Drop out to start a business earned first pot of gold

a person’s character is often decided on the fate, this point is really not false. "My character is better to reign in hell than the tail. You let me go to work, not for me. I think this is a decadent life, fighting spirit, passion are gone, I still want to go anyway."

finally bite the teeth, take half a month living expenses more than and 100 yuan to buy a suit. Unexpectedly, this security allowed him to the door, but also to help him contact in charge of marketing planning. Through conversation, he found a lot of work in fact there are leaflets, the opportunity to recruit part-time college students. "Why don’t I go and serve these students and provide clues?." A sudden idea let Li Jun thought has changed. He said, at least I can’t cheat students.  : "is to earn hard work, eat the difference." read more

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A story to entrepreneurs, please do not just wait for a miracle to come

business is not a fashionable term, now each university graduates are hoping to a career of their own achievements, but since the choice you have to rise head and shoulders above others, ready to work hard, but now some people are just waiting for the chance, I want to say, the opportunity is always prepared to leave people, perhaps, a story below can give us some enlightenment…

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After 90 college students to pay back to the village

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, and in each year in the whole society will appear a lot of college students entrepreneurs, then say the entrepreneur, he is a successful student entrepreneurs.

in Yongsheng Dazhu County of Sichuan province township Maliu village, a college student named Wang Mingdong. The chicken in this business, he had now worked hard hard, full of sound and colour. In August 4th, the author braved the heat into the village of Liu Liu group of Wang Mingdong’s home. "Look for something, I will do!" In the chat, a readily he told reporters, "I have deep feelings of home, want to put their knowledge into full play, led the villagers to get rich." read more

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Chengdu family bank to obtain public support

good tradition can promote the harmonious development of the family, the child is a favorable environment for the growth of. In a family bank in Chengdu, people see such a lively scene, a lot of people will have a good tradition in the bank, which is a precious spiritual wealth to be handed down from age to age.

The "

" family bank "I feel is a new thing, I very much support, has very good demonstration significance of children education." Yulin Road community residents Lan Yali said, a family needs a good family rules, will improve the understanding of children’s thinking, children should know how to treat the elderly, honest friends, some do not, also can pass the good tradition of rules to correct education. read more

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Violence, even in the rich project recommendation! 4 tips for college students to start their own bu

A lot of time in

, a University of four years passed very quickly, think about this day last year, when the September opening, the primary and middle school students are returning to campus, and this time is often a lot of money golden ideas continue to emerge, the profits of real time, what are you waiting for! Suitable for the opening of the money today, you recommend a few ideas, free to you! Make sure you make money right away!

4 for money at the beginning of golden ideas: second-hand bookstore read more

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Simulation doll doll investment and store location skills

only grasp the new opportunities to move faster to get rich. Recently, investment advisers after the market survey found that a simulation doll "in accordance with the children I made the appearance simulation dolls" launched to the market in 2005 in Guangzhou, immediately sought after by. Many large cities are also eyeing the business opportunities.

simulation dolls and Bobbi doll is different, it is more personalized, because it is the copy of "master" the way the production, the main consumption for 1 to 14 year old children, the main products are divided into two dimensions: one is a half to 2 years of age "baby mabao" and the size is 20 inches; second is 3 – 12 years of age, the "baby mabao", the size is   23 inches, the retail price of 1280 yuan and 1380 yuan. read more

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What are the basic flow of tea shop

open milk tea shop is a small investment projects, but want to do a good project also need to do a good job in all aspects of the preparatory work. The following small series with you to analyze the specific process is what kind of. If you want to learn how to open a tea shop, then come and see.

/ step method

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Metro adorable boy adorable personal data, such as full exposure

handsome is the focus, probably because of a photo, a video can be popular, so now the network is more and more red. Recently, there are subway adorable boy laughed, and even his girlfriend’s micro-blog have been exposed!

4 5, female users through micro-blog upload two pictures on subway candid boy in the photo, and revealed that the opposite boys are good, but I didn’t think the boy looked up to her smile. The boy in the picture is very good-looking, handsome. This photo after the rapid exposure of the network burst red network, and attracted all onlookers hot. read more

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What is the National Day golden week sales opportunities

Mid Autumn Festival has passed, after a round of consumer frenzy, seeing the National Day is coming, once again ushered in a new boom. After all, the eleven small holiday is coming soon, people like to travel in the small holiday these days, which gives us a very good business opportunities for retail businesses. Due to the increase in the number of tourists around the retail business is better than usual, especially those who are next to the road or near the scenic retail stores.

but now retail innumerable fierce competition among each other, and how to make these local or foreign customers into your shop shopping? I operate the supermarket for more than a decade, with eleven long holiday sales experience, now write to share the majority of tobacco online counterparts. read more

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Where is a good place for indoor children’s paradise

during the summer vacation, the children have entered into the park to the peak stage of popularity, especially some famous indoor children’s playground is overcrowded, which brought the number of entrepreneurs in the investment of the heart. So where is a good place for indoor children’s paradise? Recommend the following places.

1, a comprehensive shopping mall, the mall general classification clear, drink shopping integration, so that people are generally more popular shopping mall, and there is a separate floor is the children’s area, is the preferred venue for indoor children play. read more

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Money making items for women in the family — a souvenir shop for babies

who says Mom can’t start a business? Who says housewives can not have their own career, a life of their own? With the continuous expansion of the market, consumers demand continues to increase, for mothers, housewives brought many business opportunities to create wealth, to bring a lot of opportunities to get rich! What are the money making projects for women in the family? Might as well look for!

market outlook

How to store
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The dead group purchase website is not worth recalling the martyrs


again group purchase website? First of all, the new year is coming, there are a lot of group purchase website information mailbox; second, I have never seen so fast growth, death is so fast as the Internet industry as a short and beautiful Epiphyllum.

a brief review of this concept is the process of group purchase website, outside coming from the country, country to foreigners are the stuff of holding "foreign monks chanting" concept, say imitation or copying it, but ignore the two questions. The first is the environment, foreign and domestic consumption environment itself there are differences, especially the network consumption concept, people also figure fresh and cheap, easy to generous new things to make excessive demands; second is the concept itself is very fuzzy, foreigners are not clear in the case of domestic the business enterprise will put up a pageantry engage them, do not think things are difficult. read more

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A5 buy improved with the group process so that the owners buy more convenient

A5 is the A5 webmaster webmaster group purchase "under the banner of the webmaster webmaster every day for the group purchase, we selected a webmaster friends interested in programs such as website or virtual products, or personality Tee kind, as long as the webmaster friends interested in, as long as the long friend affordable, we may be recommended products. Every day a group, each group is fine.

A5 buy to the user as the center, and strive to give the user a better experience with the group, we are making progress every day, you are also welcome to buy A5 to put forward more and better ideas and opinions. read more

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Apple or access to.Apple brand exclusive top-level domain suffix

here is not just Apple, apple is here as a representative of the world’s leading brands, in addition to.Coke,.Marlboro may appear in the whole world of the internet. The reason is that the ICANN, the internet name and address allocation agency, is expected to adopt the "top-level domain name" policy at a board meeting next Monday in singapore.

is currently the world’s Internet only 22 top-level domain name (gTLDs), such as.Com,.Org and.Info, etc., plus the addition of 250 national domain names, such as.Uk or.Cn. If the ICANN passed the draft, the world’s top domain names will be increased by hundreds, such as.Apple and.Nike, etc.. read more

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Baidu suspected of being hacked by Iran

at 7:20 on January 12th or so, in the webmaster forum began to appear a large number of webmaster post, said the domestic well-known search engine Baidu can’t open, can not go up.

7:20 about the first post

followed by a large number of users have raised the same question.

8 o’clock, enthusiastic owners call, inform the Chinese station, Baidu has lasted more than half an hour to visit, all the two domain names all shut down.


executes the "Ping" command to the Baidu server, it returns the request timeout message. read more

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