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1 apple co-founder: Cloud Computing in the future there will be a terrible problem

Beijing on August 6th news, according to foreign media reports, apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) predicted that in the next few years, cloud computing services will be a "terrible problem".

in Mike – Daisy (Mike Daisey performer) soliloquy "Jobs dabeitaixi" (The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs), a 61 year old Wozniak is one of the main characters. In after the show aired, Wozniak and Daisy and several spectators chat, talked about his experience as a teacher in the school and in the TV series "dancing with the stars" (Dancing with the Stars) in the face of experience. read more

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January.CN domain name to delete more than 1 million 170 thousand new entrepreneurial hopeless

below is the statistics:

note: data from the CNNIC to provide a domain name list.

1.1 13088

1.2 7922

1.3 15640

1.4 39582

1.5 28098

1.6 7810

1.7 10239

1.8 12391

1.9 7939

1.10 100066

1.11 12099

1.12 145710

1.13 12205

1.14 16894

1.15 19710

1.16 63109

1.17 37694

1.18 7891

1.19 6535

1.20 85905

1.21 116498

1.22 72350

1.23 65670

1.24 37482

1.25 26642

1.26 12107

1.27 51209

1.28 42866

1.29 17020

1.30 67968

1.31 10801

total: 1171140

we know, when the CN domain name to engage in 1 yuan activities in March, it seems that in March, when the CN domain name registration volume will be greater. read more

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The luxury goods business to accelerate the shuffle profit model is unknown into development of weak

reporter Tang Gang

in the face of strong Chinese demand for luxury goods market, the main domestic luxury goods business is hardly a reason to cheer, shop business and shopping spree reported hot cold contrast. See many domestic luxury electric providers which also Bo Xing Yan, its sudden fall situation, people can not help but exclaim, but why the rise of two Chinese luxury business has entered such a fierce industry reshuffle? Luxury is not really suitable for luxury online shopping? Where is the way out of a series of problems caused? Ponder. read more

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Discuz! X2 plug-in, template development seminar successful conclusion

recently, initiated by the Discuz, the joint blue ideal, Admin5, ChinaZ, PHPChina co sponsored by the template plug-in competition into the countdown stage. The contest to share excellent template plug-ins as the theme, as of today, the Organizing Committee received a total of nearly a hundred entries from all over the country templates and plug-in works. In July 9th, the organizers held a special "Discuz! X2 plugin, template development seminar", by many Discuz! Plugin template developers, programmers. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast Ali push nail battles WeChat millet Note released the top version 3299

1 Cai Wensheng: Angel’s ambition  

A5 Cai Wensheng, one of the pioneering era review: angel investment field of the earliest and most successful entry, he called the most understand the start-up’s Angels! In his eyes, there is eight by the business model, is to rely on the one or two "Nirvana" in the Internet space in a blaze sunshine Avenue, although in a very long time, he was always ignored the existence of the Internet community. Understand the needs of the masses, with the most simple and most direct function to meet the needs of the masses. This is Cai Wensheng’s magic. He thus finds the lowest threshold to intervene, and then seeks the highest value of the harvest. read more

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Internet thinking online education must have three hardware

Objective: 2013 online education hot debut in 2013 2013 swept the Internet Internet thinking, thinking of using the Internet to do mobile phone, in 2013 2013 the use of the Internet thinking catering, thinking of using the Internet to do a brothel, the 2014 online education how to make good use of the Internet thinking. Online education is very beautiful, it is a series of eleven from the three levels of thinking about the Internet online education.

free is the most expensive, fans economy, reputation, focus, extreme, fast, slow, interactive, etc……. , this is the interpretation of the Internet thinking in the minds of some of the words. Ninth Huang told the online education how to do a fan of the economy, then online education under the Internet thinking should have what conditions? This paper from the three aspects of the. read more

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Interpretation of the NetEase electricity supplier strategy this cross-border electricity supplier

in the eyes of the outside world, NetEase may be a portal, perhaps a game company, but now it is trying to paste the label for the electricity supplier.

China look around the Internet, almost all big companies have their level of electricity providers, Tencent, Baidu, music video and millet are all true. However, different from other companies, NetEase has been focused on the products of the company in the eyes of the outside world, with fashionable words "artisan spirit", Ding Lei was also frequently viewed as "conservative" entrepreneurs. For the electricity supplier has long been stirred into the Red Sea area, NetEase does not even need to say there is no reason to get involved. read more

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NetEase announced that the official community service is not stopped NetEase Forum

shut down notice

sina science and technology news November 15th evening news, NetEase community ( today announced the cessation of service announcement, said it will stop at 18 pm. As the name approximation, some users mistakenly believe that NetEase Forum ( service adjustment. In this regard, NetEase official also clarified that the normal operation of the NetEase forum.

is half stop operation years of NetEase community, today announced that due to business restructuring, we have to regret to inform you that the NetEase community will stop service at midnight on December 18, 2012". read more

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ICANN will discuss the creation of a .Xxx domain name dispute for adult websites

The Internet management agency

global Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) is scheduled for 12 in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi held a meeting to discuss whether the adult website set up special domain name, for the convenience of parents "isolation" of these sites, click Browse to avoid children.

the proposal sparked controversy. Opponents believe that the domain name is equivalent to the legalization of adult websites, and the role of the protection of young people may be very limited. read more

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WeChat public numbers over 10 million will push to pay for reading

WeChat public numbers over 10 million will push to pay to read

[TechWeb] August 28th news, WeChat announced yesterday it will launch a paid reading function to promote the original protection. At the same time, the official also announced that WeChat currently has more than 10 million public accounts, WeChat daily 2 times more than friends, every day more than 180 million times the circle of friends to share.

According to

reports, WeChat paid open reading function of the public number, need to pay to read the article in browsing can only display part at the beginning of the show, the specific content or space may decide by the operator, to pay the corresponding fee to view the full text. read more

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Domain ferocious rally 6 new era of digital or has arrived!

renamed Chinese ( April 22nd news, since this year, the digital domain name trading frequently ferocious rally, 6 digital diversification is this month ushered in a "blowout" period, enterprises and individuals have been eyeing the 6 digital resources market. Recently, Xinyang online network enabled domain name on the line, but also for the domain name market considerably.

it is understood that the number 464001 is the Shihe River District of Xinyang City, Henan province zip code, strong local landmark. The earlier Shenmu forum enabled zip line. That "Chinese whois query system, domain name was registered in January of this year. And the related suffixes registration for the Tencent Inc, as early as September 2012, tens of thousands of QQ number is crazy registered domain name, the 6 digit number from to all domain name is not registered, Tencent were robbed empty. read more

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There is no strength away from the VC beauty – after 80 and private VC

      Techweb on the venture team has been looking for venture capital (VC) compared to find the object, and so on, it may be difficult to find objects than.

      all the time, I did not feel so, we have contact with VC had a few, may have a part in our project and invited investment in blue ocean venture meeting saw love network business plan, we believe the information received.

      many webmaster hope me to communicate with VC experience, more than a month, I really don’t have a good evaluation, after all, we don’t have a website known as 8 million registered members then cattle, to much risk investment. read more

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PuTTY and WinSCP finished version of the built-in back door to remind the owners pay attention to si

confirmed by security vendors, part of the Chinese version of the putty WinSCP software, built-in back door, and the two models of software appeared in Baidu search advertising auction ranks (TechWeb pictures)

[TechWeb] January 31st news reports, recently, according to security industry sources, there may be a backdoor part of the Chinese version of the putty WinSCP, SSH, Secure and other tools. The number of security vendors to verify, the Chinese version management tool does exist backdoor, may cause the server administrator password and information disclosure, so as to completely control the Linux server. read more

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Double eleven can fire Taobao 38 Life Festival why the temperature

has experienced several years of "double 11" of the event, Taobao shot again on March 8th to create life festival, people really lifted the play waiting for the opening. From February 21st this year, Taobao will begin to test the waters in 38 day national users free food and drink, to uncover the "February 26th Taobao 38 Life Festival" veil, plus sign legs Obama Lee Min Ho and mass line advertising, forming a pre rally nearly half a month. However, the scene is not expected to be rushed to the scene, and even Taobao itself has a sense of powerlessness. read more

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The first meeting of the club owners literature industry chain the editor in chief of the digital ag

the afternoon of August 7th, the 18 editor in chief from literature industry chain of different terminals in the literary club owners, to discuss the current digital publishing era of the coming moment, as part of the literature of the industrial chain, how to deal with the digital publication road. The meeting also discussed the current situation and future development of mobile phone reading and handheld readers.

the literature industry chain conference theme covers a very broad, including almost all literature terminal industry chain, Wuhan concert group of film and television companies, salon literature network and publisher network as the representative of the local publishing group, the channel resources force refers to the cloud era, leading to the digital copyright Chinese’s online watch novel network, domestic famous original literary content providers by Sina, huanjianshumeng, under the banyan tree, half the original network, Kyushu, Chinese, in August by the world, as well as the theme of the conference organizers, China most influential internet entrepreneurs club Chinese webmaster club. The theme of the speech and the subsequent discussion of the topic of the end of the session, the collision sparks inspiration, the terminal of the digital publishing era of the arrival of more accurate and in-depth understanding. read more

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In order to fight against piracy Baidu Post Bar shut down ghost blows lamp and other well-known nove

Phoenix Technology News May 23rd news, online news, yesterday midnight to early this morning, to combat piracy, Baidu Post Bar banned most types of novels, including "ghost chuideng", "Tomb notes", many well-known network novel Post Bar are across the board, not only is the resource of posts, normal communication could not access. Accompanied by the collapse of the novel type of Post Bar and grass, and many other beautiful campus Belle, large Post Bar.

Baidu post bar read more

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Improve website traffic magic weapon – CNZZ station search

has been the site to reflect the value of the standard always depends on the level of traffic, increase traffic is a major problem facing every webmaster, with some search engine companies for marketing strategy changes, the optimization of the website also be difficult. Independent third party data analysis and statistics service provider CNZZ’s webmaster statistics in the station search function ( is the maximum degree of

to meet the needs of the majority of webmasters to enhance the site traffic. read more

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CNN president said social networking sites have posed a huge threat to traditional media

Beijing on March 15th news, according to foreign media reports, whether on the Internet news website will become newspaper terminator is becoming a hot topic on the occasion, President of CNN, said recently that the social networking site has become a huge threat to the cable news agency, cable news media is facing the risk of the loss of a large number of users. Now, the cable news media and social networking sites will become a new topic of discussion.

, according to Agence France-Presse, Jonathan Klein on this issue is no ambiguity. "I’m really scared of social networking sites," he said in a Bloomberg news conference in New York on 2010. Because of them, we are facing the risk of customer churn." read more

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The wind was boasted a 8848 catch up with Baidu from eyes

5 years, the planning of the 8848 sites listed, must catch up with Baidu……" The day before yesterday, the 8848 site CEO announced the grand goal of Tang Beiyan company. The biggest risk investment institutions, Sequoia Capital Partners Liu Xing, on the spot poured cold water: "super Baidu listing, you just mentioned, I’m not interested, I can not attract investment."

– the day before yesterday, in the venture investment forum, launched a tit for tat dialogue 8848 website and Sequoia capital. read more

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Science and technology circle celebrities to participate in ice bucket challenge, to raise money for

A5 ( station network August 18th news network, recently popular ice bucket Challenge campaign, initially by the participants through his head to the "ice cream", show care and support for patients and their families suffering from cancer, science and technology circle chiefs are clearly not satisfied with this, through the transformation of science and technology circle of famous people the challengers need to shoot video upload for three people, 24 hours to participate in the challenger to donate $100 for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to raise money. read more

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