Fax machine ten brand list – the whole

fax has become a very important form of office in the current society, so that the fax machine market ushered in an increasing demand, the number of brands is increasing. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of fax machines, and thus help people to choose more suitable fax machine products.

fax ten brand list NO.1, Panasonic Panasonic – Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd.:

in 1918, Japan, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world’s brands, large multinational companies, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, Panasonic (China) Co., ltd.. read more

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The flexible multi – head product sales all over the

is now a lot of people will choose to do business, but the business is very rigid thinking, leading to difficult to sell goods. In fact, in this new era of business, want to sell goods high, or more brains. After being laid off, I opened a small supermarket. Free time, I often look at some of the management of books and newspapers, and learn from them, in order to improve their ability to operate.

has such a wealth of stories, attracted the attention of the author. This paper introduces a knitting factory: the main products are men’s shirts, although the product quality is good, but with the changes of life style, this kind of old T-shirts more and more the retired old man No one shows any interest in, only to wear this shirt "old man". The factory warehouse old man backlog serious, the factory is also on the verge of bankruptcy. read more

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Beijing public toilets face recognition function with obvious effect

Beijing’s major public toilets on the face recognition function, you can save more resources for the earth. It uses technology to control the amount of toilet paper. Reporters on the scene saw, from the face recognition to automatic paper, the machine may be used more than ten seconds, it is learned that in the trial of the machine for three days, the average daily toilet paper usage reduced to the original

of five

the reporter saw in the Tiantan South Gate Park toilets this morning, after hanging on the wall of the toilet paper machine manual has been two electric "face recognition machine to replace the toilet paper", the two machines are located in the entrance of bathrooms, "we in the trial stage south gate, east gate and West gate three public toilets were installed 6 this machine, according to the average height of men and women were adjusted for height." Tiantan park official told reporters, for the convenience of tourists, we have a staff of public toilets and cleaning staff were trained to help visitors first time familiar with the use of this machine." read more

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2013 Xining urban development investment fair kicked off 26

reporter on July 19th at the Xining municipal government held a news conference was informed that the 2013 Xining Urban Development Investment Fair will be held from July 26th to July 31st in the south of Xining International Convention and Exhibition center.

this is the city of Xining in the last year the first Xining city development and Investment Fair held successfully and a high specification, large scale, for investors, facing the promotion of city planning and construction projects, the industry to extend the industrial chain and supporting industrial projects, service industry development projects and City Reserve land auction City development investment event. The "city investment" to "win-win cooperation, better life" as the theme, to show Xining, Xining, Xining propaganda promotion, enhance the taste of the city, optimize the investment environment, accelerate the economic development of Xining for the purpose of the city construction, industrial development, cultural tourism projects for the combination of points, adhere to the "planning, project as a special promotion, investment oriented" principle, to recommend to discuss the project as the carrier, make full use of the fair publicity platform and the display window, a comprehensive display of Xining economic development, city construction achievements and cultural history, tourism development, investment environment, improve the visibility of the city, and enhance the economic attractiveness and cultural cohesion, promote Xining investment, accelerate the healthy and rapid development of comprehensive economic and social coordination. read more

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Haibei state health system on the reform of public hospitals in our city

  the afternoon of October 9th, vice governor Dong Fukui led the Haibei state development and Reform Commission and other departments of health, 26 people to visit the city public hospital reform work. Vice mayor Wang Xuan. City Health Bureau Director Liu Haonian on the progress of the reform of public hospitals in our city and the newly established medical institutions supervision and management of pharmaceutical service centers and medical service center management background, operation mechanism and carry out their duties are introduced, the two sides around the problems in the reform of public hospitals management system, personnel system reform, health personnel training and development of traditional Chinese medicine as for the discussion and exchange.

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Our province navigation mileage of more than 600 km 56 berths

A lot of people think that Qinghai is dry land, the channel has little to do with us. Reporters learned from the Qinghai provincial transportation department, as of now, the province navigable waterway mileage reached 617.69 km.

data show that as of the end of November, the province of new waterway traffic mileage of 208.3 kilometers, is "11th Five-Year" at the end of 50.88% increase; berth number reached 56, which increased the number of berths 21, is "11th Five-Year" at the end of 60% increase; fill the blank of the Yellow River library section, Sigou gorge Jishi Gorge reservoir, Tracy there is no terminal facilities vaku District, Qinghai Lake scenic spot, Guide section of the Yellow River, Lijiaxia reservoir, Gongboxia reservoir, Longyangxia reservoir, Kanbula forest Geopark, Luke Lake Scenic waterway infrastructure has been further improved, significantly enhance the service ability.

"12th Five-Year" is the Qinghai waterway construction project implementation, the most by the Ministry of transport and the provincial government financial support, the largest waterway infrastructure services to enhance the ability of the most significant five years. Five years, the construction of the shipping project seven, the implementation of the Ministry of transport and the Provincial Department of transportation subsidy funds raised 154 million 280 thousand yuan, respectively, 7 times and 6 times during 11th Five-Year; 4, the construction of waterway maintenance ship two waterway maintenance engineering implementation, the implementation of the waterway maintenance funds of 17 million 950 thousand yuan, the implementation of water transport infrastructure the maintenance work of the zero breakthrough.   read more

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Heart of the masses to check the reported hail disaster

2012 23:00 September 10th to September 11th at 1:30 a.m., parts of Datong County dump hail, Xiangyang Village, Qiaotou town of Honghe County village, big coal cave village, small coal cave village, village, Shangguan village, South Gate Village seven village. 185 hectares of rapeseed suffered hail disaster, disaster area of 3 to 5 hectares of up to 146.6 hectares, resulting in a loss of $361 thousand, the direct economic loss of 12570 yuan.

Cai Guilin, deputy mayor of the town government town government chief Guo Shouying. In September 11th 9 the first time rushed to the village fields with view of the disaster affected crop area measurement. Subsequently, once again with the County Civil Affairs Bureau, Huo Xuegui, head of the disaster relief department to verify the disaster situation. read more

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A new way to break through the dispute between doctors and patients in the community

Dongguan East District Community in the doctor-patient disputes mediation in a sense combination, safeguard social fairness and justice principles, actively and properly handle medical disputes, bold innovation and open up a new path, to ensure social stability in the area. Since the establishment of the community since October 2010, consisting of hospitals, legal aid centers, community neighborhood justice, medical dispute mediation committee, give full play to people’s mediation education persuasion, patient persuasion, not to hurt and work advantages, realize the matter knot things, let both sides feel the rights and interests protection; to further promote the medical dispute mediation organizations and organization network; build analysis professional support platform of medical dispute liability; establish a working mechanism of fast response and high performance. Explore the establishment of the medical liability insurance system, and actively build a "tune" and "compensation" combined with medical liability insurance as the basis of the doctor-patient dispute mediation mechanism. Over the years, a total of 15 cases of medical disputes, mediation success of the 15, the real case of the matter, so many major medical disputes, through the coordination of the Commission, has been resolved in a timely manner. To this end, Dongguan east district will promote community medical dispute mediation experiences and practices in the region, forming the eastern transverse to the edge, vertical in the end, the medical dispute mediation service grid system, constantly improve the effectiveness of doctor-patient dispute resolution, to maintain social stability in the region.   read more

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Housing transactions tax increases for our city 200 million

recently, reporters from the city’s local taxation work meeting was informed that the city has 106358 sets of commercial housing in the integrated management system of real estate, to achieve the "traditional family" extensive management "to" information management room "fine management, housing transactions have to tax income of 200 million yuan.

it is understood that the past two years, the Local Taxation Bureau and constantly improve the integrated management system of real estate, the housing stock module part of the data in commercial housing has been completed and approved the import collection system, evaluation model is established and is running on the line. While the real estate management module in the full implementation of the 177 projects, 162 real estate companies, 977 real estate, 106358 houses have been incorporated into the network management system, issued 41981 copies of invoices, the transformation of "traditional family" extensive management to the information management of the housing "fine management. The classification and combing the integration construction and installation management business process, the successful development of the management module, the initial realization of the construction project, the project contract amount account, pay taxes, outbound business activities clear goal. 2013, the city tax bureau received 20229 sets of housing transactions throughout the year, an increase of more than 8552 units, the imposition of tax of $430 million, an increase of $200 million. read more

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City leaders visit condolences to the Muslim masses

July 17th is the Muslim festival of Eid al Fitr, the majority of Muslims in the city dressed in costumes, immersed in the joy of the festival. Wang Xiao, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, municipal committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai, vice chairman of the CPPCC Fan Xingliang with the city of four groups and the people of the city’s good wishes, cordial condolences to my Muslim representatives, warmest greetings and best wishes to the city by their fellow Muslims, for the majority of Muslims make for social stability in Xining the contribution to economic development. read more

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National Family Planning Commission inspection team to check the work of JP

7 month 16 afternoon, CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Jinhua, the national population and Family Planning Commission Director Wang Xia visited Datong county planning work, vice governor Ma Shunqing, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen, deputy secretary of the county committee, county Han Shengcai and other provincial and county leaders and relevant departments responsible comrades accompanied by check.

Vice President

Li Jinhua for a field view of the county family planning service station hardware facilities, listened carefully to explain the report, asked in detail about the planning work flow setting and department construction, School of population and reproductive health inspection services work. The inspection group of Datong County population and family planning work fully affirmed, at the same time required to solve the outstanding overall population quantity, quality, structure, distribution and other issues, to promote better and faster development of Datong economic society quickly and well. read more

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Government procurement efforts to boost small and micro

Reporters learned from the Government Procurement Conference held in Xining on November 1st, the first three quarters of this year, Xining invested $17 million 65 thousand and 100 for the purchase of educational and teaching equipment, the school’s hardware level has been improved. At the same time, this year, the Xining municipal government to increase the intensity of small and micro enterprises to carry out government procurement efforts to boost the development of small and micro enterprises. read more

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In Xining, Wang Xiao met with visiting foreign minister of Mongolia

April 2nd, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao met with visiting Mongolia foreign long line in Xining PriB Su lun.
Wang Xiao on behalf of the provincial government expressed warm welcome, my province, comparative advantages and development prospects are briefly introduced, and invited the Mongolian delegation to participate in the exhibition promotion activities in our province. Wang Xiao said that at present, the Sino Mongolian relations have achieved great progress in political, economic and cultural level, especially President Xi Jinping made a major strategic thought Silk Road Economic Belt, Mongolia and Russia economic corridor of Asian investment bank, etc, showing better prospects for development. Qinghai is located in the Silk Road Economic Zone with the Gulf of India ocean direction of the two strategic areas of the domestic intersection, and Mongolia has a broad space for cooperation. Wang Xiao on both sides to jointly promote the local government cooperation, to jointly promote the carpet industry cooperation, to jointly promote cooperation in agriculture and animal husbandry, to jointly promote resource development cooperation, to jointly promote cultural exchanges and cooperation have put forward some general considerations and operational recommendations.
PriB Suellen spoke highly of our province’s economic and social development achievements, the vice governor Wang Xiao proposed one by one to give a positive response, warmly invited me to visit Mongolia Province group, to jointly promote the friendly cooperation in the provinces and trade, resource development, cultural tourism and other fields. The two sides reached consensus on a number of
  read more

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New year’s Day holiday railway sent 119 thousand passengers

The reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the New Year holiday, the company a total of 119 thousand passengers, up 24.42% over the previous year, the general speed of passenger train passenger flow mainly direction of Golmud, high-speed rail EMU passenger flow mainly Menyuan direction of the main peak in January 1st, with 32 thousand and 400 passengers.It is reported that

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Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang and his party came to the village of condolences

In the county to a new round of grassroots organizations in the construction of the year and the masses work year as an opportunity to set off a cadre of cadres and the masses to serve the grassroots work of the climax of the practice

in the county to a new round of grassroots organizations in the construction of the year and the masses work year as an opportunity to set off a cadre of cadres and the masses to serve the grassroots work of the climax of the practice. In November 13th, the Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan tree River Department of the well-being of the masses, to our village condolences mahah village poor households Gu Xiumei and party secretary, Party branch of village of Guo Shunchun county. read more

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From December 13th onwards, the province will appear snow cooling weather

According to the provincial meteorological observatory latest weather forecast, from December 13th onwards, a new cold air will affect our province, to bring snow in most parts of the province to cool weather. The cold air is expected to begin from the west to the east of the province from the 13 day, when most areas will appear snow weather; on the 14 day, with the main cold air coming in Haixi West, Tanggula Mountain cloudy outside, the rest of the province have snow, which will appear in the Haibei snow, at the same time, the temperature will also be the weather is expected to decline significantly, during the process of most of the province will drop 4 to 6 DEG C, at the same time, there are 6 to 7 the Qinghai Lake level westerly. From the beginning of 15, the cold air will move out of the province, the province of the weather in sunny weather.   read more

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Business management call black card

In order to regulate and combat the illegal use of telephone "black card" the implementation of criminal activities, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, recently the province’s commercial administrative departments at all levels based on business functions, communication with the local public security departments, called "black card" within the province special operations carried out, during the inspection of operating 1660 households and, beyond the scope of business case 4, ordered rectification 39.It is reported that read more

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Novice investment clothing store to see these

we set up shop to do business, of course, is hoping to be successful through the efforts of the clothing store in order to succeed or have a lot of skills. For the novice, how to successfully open a clothing store? What skills do you need to pay attention to? Let’s take a look now.

as the clothing store operators in finance, a large fortune is looking for support, two is to cooperate with throw the helve after the hatchet. Sufficient funds, in cooperation with business, easy to take an objective and calm attitude. In other words, in more than one kind of business investment is not much less business investment is not small, the success or failure of the view is not too tight, so the views of the spear is also more neutral. And bring a strong spiritual pressure not as partners for days after the operations smoothly, has a good effect. read more

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Taxi driver training summary meeting held in 2010

to improve the service quality and comprehensive quality of the employees of the taxi industry, strengthen the service level of the service skills of the employees, standardize and promote the healthy and stable development of the taxi industry. According to the municipal government of Xining city "re employment work leading group special meeting minutes" and Xining traffic bureau, Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and social security issued the "Xining city taxi workers occupation skill training work plan" to "Ning [2009]158 words" documentation requirements, by the city Department of transportation and labor and social security Council jointly organized the Xining city taxi practitioners occupation skills training, has trained more than 3600 rental industry practitioners. read more

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Xining city gas station held a major accident emergency rescue drills

Qinghai News Network (the network reporter Cui Yongtao photo coverage) the afternoon of September 18th, PetroChina Xining gas station Gas Co held a major accident emergency rescue drills, inspection of Xining city to deal with the gas accident emergency rescue strategy and the level of safety for the city of Xining people celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day plus assured "weight". Emergency rescue drill set in a hypothetical September 16th 15, Xining city natural gas station, gas distribution industry in the routine inspection, the scene of a pressure regulator station front gas leakage occurred, the fire caused by lightning at…… At a crucial moment of the moment, quickly start emergency rescue. Alarm, report, commander ordered launched the emergency plan, the rescue, rescue, fire protection, surveillance and other professional team of fashion, to carry out the rescue work everything in good order and well arranged. After the disposal of the accident, the accident investigation team dispatched in time, the first time to get the conclusions of the investigation, and immediately report to the relevant government departments. Everything in the actual state, the whole process of "a false thing becomes true do leak.". Shang Longqing, vice president of CNPC, Xining Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd., general manager of the drill made a summary of the second people’s Hospital of Xining and other relevant departments and units to assist and participate in the exercise. The people’s Government of Xining City Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng and other related leaders attended the exercise, and the importance of enterprise safety production of Xining oil and gas production safety, for the protection of people’s livelihood practices fully affirmed and encouraged the company to exercise as an opportunity to safe and stable supply of natural gas in Xining city.   read more

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