Google app store upgrade or will support Google glasses

for different size of screen, Google is still using the same Android application strategy, namely, with an application by stretching to adapt to different screen sizes. After the application of Google or will allow developers to develop different screen sizes of different versions. Even if the future Google glasses do not support native applications, but only provide Glassware applications, but…

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Shao Guihu discipline resources website increase original method

       ;       last mentioned the subject, resource class website popularity promotion way, this time and all webmaster share is subject resources website increase original some methods. 1, enhance the popularity of the site, allowing users to produce original content an excellent website should be full of interactive colors. If you only rely on the webmaster…

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BBS, BLOG, SNS, the Internet is not the problem of who lives

, some time ago, a "blog out of date" crop of wheat, sparked a lot of controversy on the Internet, and many famous IT commentators have joined the big debate. Obviously, the "blog out of date" faction headed by the wheat field is the hope that BLOG is dead and SNS stands. (the ant web of wheat is SNS.). The…

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Li Dandan WeChat to sell Ejiao monthly income of over 10000 yuan

network such a tool, it is not only to make our lives more convenient, but also can become a channel to make money, to help more entrepreneurs to achieve the goal of getting rich. This does not, the hero of Li Dandan on the use of WeChat business, the sale of gelatin, the monthly income of over 10000 yuan target.…

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National Family Planning Commission inspection team to check the work of JP

  7 month 16 afternoon, CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Jinhua, the national population and Family Planning Commission Director Wang Xia visited Datong county planning work, vice governor Ma Shunqing, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen, deputy secretary of the county committee, county Han Shengcai and other provincial and county leaders and relevant departments responsible comrades accompanied…

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Xining remediation black car special action two months seized 161 black car

May 18th, the reporter learned from the Xining city traffic information bureau held a briefing, a period of two months, the city Department of transportation, Xining City Public Security Bureau to carry out joint combat "black" illegal taxi business management activities ended, the special action, were seized the black car 161. In addition to the transfer of public security organs…

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List of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress

(adopted at the seventh meeting of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress on October 19, 2012) ( ) removed: Bu Qinghai, Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate, deputy director of the procuratorial committee duties; Xining people’s Procuratorate prosecutor’s office.